i'm really putting some effort in here and pre-writing my oh hey, friday! post in HOPES that i'm actually having a baby right this very moment. (RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!)
please, dear god, let friday be the day. i'm beyond over it. i've done my time. time to get the baby show on the road. 
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1 | push present 

in case you missed the memo, i'm a few days away from being 40 weeks pregnant. above and beyond the gift of a brand new baby girl...i really want to buy myself a push present. (yes...a push present is a thing. i have to remind my farmer of this daily.)
anyway, i'm thinking some new running pants might be in my near future. i mean...i need to get this boo-tay back into the swing of things here in a few weeks...errr...months. and camo? so hot right now...or is that just idaho?
2 | saying goodbye

i wouldn't say this has been the most nutritious period in my life. i mean...i got my work out on quite often, but then i've been liberally rewarding myself for the past nine months with: canned frosting, nutella, nightly ice cream, animal crackers dipped in frosting, cake, cookies...it's been a shameless sweet tooth affair. but, as of tomorrow (I HOPE!) i'll be saying my official goodbye. i'm NOT going to put on 10 pounds AFTER the birth of this baby...like i did with kaye. talk about a rookie mistake. 
3 | wish me luck...and my farmer

maybe just send your very very best thoughts my way. i'm sure my little family could use them! and send extra good thoughts to my farmer. when i get amped up or nervous or overwhelmed he gets it all taken out on him. a verbal punching bag...poor guy. so here's to a smooth-sailing, easy-breezy, non-verbally abusive friday.
4 | i'm looking forward to...
kaye at just a few hours old.
her going home outfit.
above and beyond holding my newest turtle...i'm looking forward to a few things:
  1. taking full breaths.
  2. not waking 14 times in the night to use the bathroom.
  3. bending over like a normal person.
  4. showing some of my clothes i haven't been able to wear some love.
  5. packing away my maternity clothes...never to be worn again. ever. ever. no seriously...never again.
  6. seeing kaye as a big sister.
  7. dressing our newest gal in her sister's baby clothes...reminding us of just how tiny kaye used to be.
really it's going to be like a little trip down memory lane...i think.
taking her first snooze in mom and farmer's bed.
and countless other things. i mean...there's a lot to look forward to, especially when you already have a little one at home. 

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happy baby day!