yay! it's the very best day for blog posts on September FARM because we get to meet someone new and read all about their embarrassing moments.

and really...what better way to get to know someone than to laugh with them...and at them.

today i'm excited to bring to you jamie from SnapGinger. she's a jersey girl...which instantly gives me something to be jealous of. (what i wouldn't give to live in the same state as The Real Housewives of NJ.) not only that...but i've logged some hours on the jersey shore...long long ago when i was a nanny. but now those kids are in college and i have kids of my own i want to hire a nanny for.

i digress...

get cozy and meet jamie. i'll be busily cuddling my brand new best gal. (hopefully! i'm prewriting this  predicting i'll be in labor on friday.)

JAMIE @ SnapGinger

Hola September FARM readers- I'm Jamie from SnapGinger, a Lifestyle Blog. I'm a born and raised Jersey girl, and I spend most of my time enjoying all that this great state has to offer, with my boyfriend, pup, family and friends. And then blogging about it of course!

SnapGinger is all about effortless living with a bit of Snap! Whether I'm sharing recipes to fuel the soul, dog pics to make you smile, ways to beautify inside and out, or housewifey entertaining tips, SnapGinger is your source for living the Snappy life.

I have to admit, I don't always have it all together (who does?!) and I certainly have my own set of confessions to make. What better venue than on September FARM for the Saturday Confessional! Here goes nothin'!
Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com
... I have extreme ADD on the internet, clicking from one site to the next like a frivolous beast in an attempt to SEE IT ALL NOW RIGHT NOW FASTER MUST CLICK ALL THE THINGS...

... I have 22 tabs open and my computer is running that much slower because of all the tabs and all the clicking. I wish I was joking..
Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com
... I continuously let my Up fitness tracker buzz away at 15 minute intervals and instead of getting up and walking around, I CLICK ALL THE THINGS... it just buzzed now as I'm typing this...oo J Crew Factory..

Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com
...I love to read super nerdy science fiction books about wizards and supernatural beings and normal people with other-worldly powers! But I've also read all of the Tucker Max books and I found them hilarious, even though I shouldn't.

...Cheaper by the Dozen is my absolute guilty pleasure movie, and it brings me to tears every time and Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time. I know every line of dialogue and like to say them before the actors do, in my best impression of their voices. This makes it unbearable for anyone to watch it with me.

...I love watching Parks & Recreation with my honey and rewinding to listen to the funny parts over and over... I also own The Cosby Show on DVD. And Alf. Did you know his real name is Gordon Shumway?
Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com
...I air guitar and/or air drum to songs when it works. And when it doesn't. I also sing along at the top of my lungs. I should mention I'm completely tone deaf..
Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com
...I love watching HGTV, specifically the Property Brothers and Rehab Addict, but I'll also take Scott McGillivray any day of the week. And also Jillian Harris is super adorable on Love it or List it 2. (love her blog)

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the nerdiness that is me! Stop by SnapGinger the next time you need a little laugh, a yummy recipe, some housewifey tips or a refreshing take on beauty. Thanks for reading!
Saturday Confessional- SnapGinger.com

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