this weekend was one of those weekends i didn't want to end. as it's monday morning and i'm sad about it because my farmer is headed back to the grind and i'm...well, i have no excuse to put bailey's in my coffee.

it all started on thursday when my farmer and i got all dressed up to attend a christmas party at a nice, little restaurant downtown. said party always takes place in the restaurants wine cellar, which means its always really chilly. this also means i left my down jacket and scarf on the entire evening, covering up my little black dress and the spanx i squeezed my booty into. but that's okay, because i got to sip champagne all night, eat the very, most delicious food, and chat with wonderful people. yay for the holidays! (ps. i'll do a full party recap soon-ish. but just know i didn't fall asleep at the dinner table this year.)

kaye had a fun weekend, herself. she attended a little birthday party and played so hard she got sweaty. (i guess girlfriend takes after her mom.)

not only did kaye get to attend a birthday party, but the next day we loaded up the family and took her bowling for the very first time with some good friends. we weren't sure how kaye was going to do because she decided to skip her normal three hour nap, but she was the best turtle-muffin we could have asked for. she threw zero fits, did lots of cuddling, got excited when she threw a strike, and only starting bullying the other kids around 7 pm...when she was past the point of exhaustion. please note how poorly we kept an eye on her. she's standing in someone else's the gutter.

in other news...i bowled a 151 in nine frames. the game shut down when we hit the hour mark. i would have loved to see how that 10th frame shook out.

and those good friends i mentioned...they have a baby girl named harper who is just four weeks older than sawyer. in a magical moment both of the gals were sleeping in their dad's arms. it'll be so fun to show them this picture years from now.

christmas parties, birthday parties, beer, and bowling. weekend...come back to me.