i've said it once, i'll say it again...saturday confessional posts are my very most favorite. it's the very best way to get the inside scoop on a blogger's personality...and today's gal is no exception.

i'm double-happy to have hannah from just bee on the blog because not only is she just a doll, but any gal that can live in a rural farm town by choice holds a special place in my heart. plus she has a little love affair going on with sweat pants...that's my kind of gal.

HANNAH | Just Bee Blog

Hey, lovely September Farm readers!! My name is Hannah and I blog over at Just Bee. My blog chronicles the small joys of rural life, the adventures of marriage, good food, travel, faith, and photography. I'm a 20-something elementary teacher, and married to my best friend, Bjorn.
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He's the reason this girl moved from (a coffee shop-filled) life in the suburbs to small-town life in the country...even though I miss Starbucks sometimes, I'm loving it here in rural southern Minnesota. I can't get enough of the country sunsets! While we look forward to the day we raise little ones on our own farm place (ahem, which is why I LOVE September Farm!), we're loving the adventure we're currently on!
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I am so excited to be posting here today - first of all, because I just love reading Karli's blog and also because I mean, it's Saturday Confessional time! And who doesn't enjoy reading other people's secrets?? ;) I definitely have a couple good ones to share with you today. You are in for a special treat because I don't usually go around telling people some of these… :) So grab a cup of coffee, prop up your feet, and happy reading! And yes, I suppose you can utter a few "oh my's" under your breath. Particularly when you get to #7. I'm saving the best for last. ;)
Let the Bean-Spilling Begin!
^^ the "Olson cousins" at our wedding ^^
1. Back in college, my husband and his best friend (who's also one of my close friends) managed to convince me for 7 months that they were cousins. I mean, they've always acted like siblings (or cousins??) and they share the same last name. :) I suppose that's all I needed to be convinced. I finally cornered them one day with a lot of detail-specific questions. HA! Well, I guess they still kind of win the clever-award in the end…but don't tell them that. ;)
2. I change into sweatpants literally the minute I get home. Bjorn's still coming through the front door as I'm running up the stairs to go change! I can't help it. I'm a homebody and I love embracing the slob factor (much to my husband's chagrin) when I'm home. If sweats = relaxation, then I want that relaxation ASAP!
^^ college days ^^
3. How my husband and I finally got together: he just plain grabbed me and kissed me! We were best friends in college. Then one night our junior year, we were about to head into the house he shared with friends. All of a sudden, Bjorn stopped in front of the door and said, "Han, come here," and kissed me! (I consider this one of my more epic is-my-life-a-movie moments.) It was so out of character for either of us, but that's what got the ball rolling. We've been together since. <3
4. I once ran into Bjorn's aunt at Walmart. Without thinking twice, I then introduced myself to a woman who I thought was her friend!! It turned out just to be another shopper standing nearby! She was very kind and glad to meet me…but the most embarrassing part of this is seriously how recently this happened...
5. I ate an entire frozen pizza in college, all because someone challenged me and said they didn't think I could. Immature days of dares over? Nope.
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^^ in our Christmas jammies! (and in all our grainy-photo glory) ^^
6. My husband and I just bought footie pajamas. Are they matching? You betcha. Are they super Christmas-y red? Mmmhmm. And - gasp - are they dropseat (which we lovingly call butt-flap)?? Oh, of course! Here's to newlywed tradition-setting. ;)
^^ where all the fun happened ^^
7. I smuggled a live bullet to South Korea. Wait, what?! Yep, you read that right…
My husband loves to shoot guns so naturally that's what we did when we started dating. He gave me a bullet just as a fun "souvenir" and I slipped it into my bag. Now, this was the SAME bag that, a couple days later, would be coming with me on international flights to Cambodia, where I would be studying abroad.
By the time I left Minnesota, I had completely forgotten about the bullet. We got through the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, and Chicago O'Hare… and then there I was at the Incheon Airport in Seoul, getting off a 14-hour (read: miserable) flight, wearing one flip-flop and one free slipper from the plane because my other sandal broke… and I got stopped in security. They found the bullet, pulled me aside to another area, and "interviewed" me for a long time about the bullet and its whereabouts. Seriously. I had about 6 Korean officials in suits standing around me, each with a photocopy of my passport, and they took notes on the conversation as this girl in glasses with messy hair and only one shoe, tried to convince them through blubbering (embarrassing) tears that she was not a danger to anyone. Ha. I ended up signing a form "relinquishing my possession of the bullet" (I sure was happy to do so, folks!) and later sent on my way to find my travel group. Crisis over. Oh - and did I mention? It was my 21st birthday.
Well, there you are! Those are some of my best confessions…although I'm sure I'll garner some more confession-worthy moments in the future… ;) Thanks for reading along today! Come stop by my corner of the web here - you can also find Just Bee on