cakepops. i love them and i love to hate them. once you pop, the fun don't stop. am i right? or am i right? i'm right.

you know who else loves cakepops? this girl...
does she deserve christmas cakepops? not with this scowl. does she get cakepops? of course. how could i say "no" to that scowl?

back in october when i was getting my brag on about the cakepops i made for kaye's 2nd birthday i received quite a few requests to post a little tutorial. well, the time came for me to make some christmas-themed pops and now i have step by step instruction to cakepop delight!


supply list
  • 1 box cake
  • 1 can frosting
  • 2 packages lollipop sticks (found in the cake decorating section at walmart)
  • 1 - 2 package(s) candy melts. (also found in the cake decorating section at walmart)
  • sprinkles!
  • craft foam wrapped in tin foil for placing the cakepops in to dry (found in the craft section at walmart)

step 1
this is the easiest part. bake any flavor of box cake you like, cool it, cut it into equal parts, then crumble it into the tiniest of tiny granules. the tinier the better. 
step 2
then take any flavor of canned frosting (it doesn't have to be the whipped version) and add 1/2 the can. do not add more than half the can or your mix will be too heavy to be supported by the stick causing it to fall right off during the dipping process.

so as i was saying, add half the can of frosting to your crumbled cake and mix thoroughly.
step 3
take a large tablespoon of the cake/frosting mixture and roll it into a nice ball. i've found that by squishing it a little to start, then forming the ball makes the cake bind really well. once all your balls are formed, place them in your freezer to firm up.

step 4
it's time to melt your candy melts. this is super easy. just take a small saucepan and fill it about 1/3 full with water and bring it to a boil. once it's boiling, you'll remove the saucepan from the heat.

next take a glass bowl full of your candy melts and place it on the saucepan, over the water. (obviously, your glass bowl should be large enough that it doesn't fall into the saucepan.) make sure the bottom of the bowl isn't actually touching the water or you risk scalding the candy melts.

step 5
gather your sticks and your firm balls (that's what she said) from the freezer. 

dip the tip of the stick in your candy melts and push the stick about halfway down into the cake ball.

once all the balls have sticks, place them back in the freezer.
step 6
at this point i remove about six at a time from the freezer to start the dipping.

dip the entire cake ball into the melt and tap all the excess candy melt back into the dish...quickly. you don't want the melt to firm up before you have a chance to put the sprinkles on!

place the dipped cake pop over the bowl of sprinkles and sprinkle sprinkle.
step 7
place your completed cakepop in the craft foam to dry!

then gawk at your perfect baby in the background.
how did i get so lucky that my two best gals napped at the same time?

and just like that you have between 50 - 60 adorable cakepops to share with your nearest and dearest...pending you didn't eat any in the creation process.

ps. i TOTALLY didn't eat one single one! i'm so proud of myself. this NEVER happens.

final step
take pretty pictures of your cakepops all around your house. because that's what some of us stay at home moms do when our kids are sleeping. take random pictures that make us look a little crazy.

i think i like the way they look in front of the chalkboard the best.

and here's a closer look at what my setup looks like...
happy cakepop making!