happy friday and happy weekend before christmas!

question - do you have your shopping complete?

in a minor panic attack yesterday i threw both girls at my farmer and said, "take them! i haven't purchased any presents for anyone!"

and just like that...that's how i completed my christmas shopping in five hours.

now...oh hey, friday!

please note! we won't be posting for oh hey, friday! next week because i'll swimming in a pile of wrapping paper. but we'll see you all on january 2nd for the first oh hey, friday! of 2015!!

maybe we should all post a picture of our new year shenanigans? just a though.

moving on...

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  • MY FIVE - a holiday house tour...kind of

    1 | decorating for christmas has been especially fun this year. kaye is super into it and sometime around thanksgiving picked up who/what santa is. i don't know where she learned this...i hadn't introduced her yet...unless you count last year?

    now any time she's sitting on the kitchen island helping me...she picks up the head of the santa cookie jar and yells, "santa!" impressively, this ceramic santa has only been chipped once.
    2 | kaye and i made this little art project last christmas and they are just as cute this year. keeping with tradition, we'll do sawyer's feet next year when she's old enough to complete her own abstract canvas...such as kaye demonstrated below.
    3 | this year i put together a little holiday bar...and i can't say it's helped me save on calories. how do you turn down a spiced apple cider or bailey's in your coffee when it's right there!?
    4 | this year i inherited an advent calendar that my sisters and i have had since we were little little girls. the poor ornaments that velcro to the tree have been glued, glued, and re-glued...but i loved it then and i love it now, and i just know kaye and sawyer will look forward to putting an ornament on the tree each morning the month of december. kaye's in for a rude awakening when she has to share the duty next year.
    5 | our tree! our lovely lovely tree. yes it's fake, but i'm so glad it is. we're not worried about burning down our house. there are no needles i'm obsessively vacuuming up hourly. we don't have to water it. i can leave it up for as long as i want! yay for fakesies.

    and i really love our tree topper.
    and that's it! have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

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