talk about a fail in the eating healthy / workout department. my farmer and i have a christmas party to attend on thursday and i had promised myself i was going to get my sh*t together and be serious and mindful about what i was putting in my face. (the working out took a backseat to my epic virus that slapped me in the face for over a week.)

and what do you do when you're sick for over a week and then finally feel well one fine sunday morning? 
you make homemade cinnamon rolls. that's what you do. and you apologize exactly zero times for all the ooey-gooey, butter, sugary wonderfulness that is the cinnamon roll. thank you pioneer woman

don't be deceived. they aren't a snap to make. there's a lot of mixing this and that, wait for an hour, come back, put a few things together, wait longer, wait for it to rise, bake, wait for it to cool...blah blah. 

a commitment for sure. however...what do we know about things that require time, love, and patience? they are usually worth it. and these rolls...they are worth it. 
i will definitely admit that i made a pretty amateur mistake in the construction of these rolls.

ree (the pioneer woman) specifically encourages to use more butter and more sugar...and to not be afraid to do so. but i wimped out and just followed the instructions and used the called-for amount of butter and sugar. do NOT make my mistake. you'll regret it.

and then...when all is said and done and you've been on your very best behavior waiting for the rolls to emerge from the pour on the very best maple glaze. thank god there is a lot of seeps into every nook and cranny available. yum.
now go ditch out on work for the afternoon. these rolls are worth it.