eeeee! christmas is right around the corner and i couldn't be more excited...for a few reasons.

1 | my sister and her fella are driving in from california! this is big because last year they stayed with his family...and since that was the first year i've ever had to share kelli...well, i didn't like it. but they'll be here this year and...yay!
2 | our little ski hills here in idaho are finally getting snow! we just might have a white christmas after all!

3 | this rocks because the turtle may find a few ski accessories in her stocking this year. let's just say girlfriend is going to look good on the hill...even though she should probably get a few lumps of coal after the stunt she pulled during family pictures.

4 | speaking of family pictures...i can share ours with you all because i finally mailed ours late last week!

C H R I S T M A S C A R D 2 0 1 4
this is real people. kaye screaming. me holding a newborn looking like i want to tear my ear off. my farmer smiling through it all. #hotmess

you can't get more genuine than this!

but no worries. the amazing stephanie mballo (who also took my maternity pictures) snapped some absolutely beautiful pictures to be included on the christmas card as well.
so...merry christmas from the farm! drink lots of champagne and eat lots of yummy food! i'll be back in 2015!