oh lawdy. after a much needed hiatus of group giveaway fun in december...we're back with some mula burning holes in our pockets.

on another note...aside from purchased plane tickets for a wedding in february, i haven't done any random/boredom spending all of january!

no amazon 1-click shopping. none of the baby gap 40% off sales sucked me in. and i have to say, my farmer has appreciated not seeing packages stacked outside our front door. a big pat on the back for me.

but, if you are ready to spend some cash (like me), and you enjoy the following:
  • money
  • finding new blogs friends
  • looking at pretty faces
  • entering giveaways
  • clicking links
  • etc. etc. etc.
...you know the drill. visit my friends below. fall in love. get entered to win.

hannah | shane
karli | mar
lauren | rebekah
lindsay | amy | sara | karisssa
if you would like to get in on february's group giveaway action, click HERE to see your options!