thank you much and much for all the well-wishes. that stomach bug knocked me down. literally. i was on our couch for three full days. i lost six pounds and was feeling super skinny...but don't worry, that weight all came back. now, at a week later, i finally feel back on my game. 


a few weeks ago (pre-stomach flu) we popped out of town with some good friends, who are also child-ridden. vacationing with friends who have's the way to go. especially when the gals can watch the kids while guys have a ski day (and the moms drink champagne)...and the next day the gals get to have their ski day. friends helping friends. 
so as i was saying, we headed to a little ski resort. and what's a ski resort without a little bit of skiing and a lot of hot tubbing?
have you ever seen a turtle look cuter in a bikini? i just die over that belly of hers...not to mention our turtle has some seriously defined legs. it must be all her jumping off of all things over three feet high. lord help us. 
don't worry...all the hot tubbing was well-deserved. my farmer hauled around our two best gals for several hours in-between runs. kaye in the backpack, sawyer in the ergo. that's approximately 50+ extra poundage. he was regretting the extra layers of clothing he thought he'd need to stay warm. 
but sawyer definitely appreciated her down onesie. in fact, i wouldn't be mad if they made an adult version...i'd get one for myself.

it was such a fun four days. we love getting off the farm and onto the slopes...especially when it's with good friends. and did i mention it's fun to have an excuse to sip pomegranate, champagne cocktails? delicious.
now i'm just desperately trying to figure out a way to convince my farmer we need to head back...sooner rather than later. week.