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i posted some resolutions earlier this week...and they were pretty generic.

don't get me wrong...i still very much need to work on eating more nutritiously as well as stop spending so much damn money on toddler clothes. but now it's time to get real with some real resolutions. things that will make me a happier person, because i've always believed that if i'm happy with the person i am, i can be the best person for the people i surround myself with.
1 | bring down the nag level. if there is one thing i'm good at, it's nagging, and it's usually directed at my farmer. "don't wear shoes in the house." "you get crumbs all over the couch." "you leave piles of clothes all over our room."

maybe these things are relatable? but i ask you...are they really worth nagging over? are they? i guess it's just frustrating to work on a project (like folding and putting away all the clothes) just to see three piles pop up again in a matter of hours.

regardless...less nagging. because let's face it, i get sick of hearing my own voice nag, and i'm know my farmer does too.

2 | say "no" way less. it's no secret...our turtle is a wild wild animal. energy for days. this results in me saying "no" to a lot. "no, don't climb on your play kitchen." "no, don't color your placemat." "no, you have to wear socks." you get the idea. but you know what...she's getting to the age where it's okay if she climbs on her play kitchen. if she falls and hurts herself, well, she's hurt and she'll get over it. this is just how it goes and it's part of being a kid, right? i'm going to take a step back from being the dictator of her life to being an active observer/guide. it's time to let her take the lead a bit and see where that takes us. i have a feeling she's going to be a happier turtle with far fewer fits.

3 | be a self-starter. i have a few goals to accomplish this year, but i don't always do the best job of going after them because i'm a perfectionist. if i think someone can do a task better than me...i typically would just rather leave them to it than tackle it myself. but i think my farmer will appreciate a little initiative considering what he does every day.

4 | adventure-seeker. i resolve to go on adventures with my girls. i mean...why not? i don't have a job. sawyer is basically the most relaxed baby ever (in her young two month life) and kaye is finding her groove. i think we're at a good stage to take a trip or two. and if we try it and it's miserable...well, we'll just try again in six months. at the very least i'll get a good blog post or two out of it.

5 | learn something new. maybe i'll learn how to tile and finally put a backsplash in our kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms. or maybe i'll finally plant a garden and learn out to keep it alive. maybe i could learn to sew...or maybe not. let's face it...tiling sounds the most beneficial.

wow...i have a lot of self work to do.
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