prepare to get your jealous pants on because i have some bragging to do.

in case you're new around these sawyer. the most perfect, gorgeous, sweet-tempered, happy, lovely three-month old farm gal there ever was.

these are the facts. the truth. i can't lie.
i've said it before...i didn't know babies could be this amazingly wonderful. and when i say amazingly wonderful, i mean easy-breezy. she has got to be the easiest baby in all the land of babies. 

and did i mention she's beautiful and has the sweetest smile that she shares with us all. the. time? yes...smiles for days.

i've read before that parents have this weird sensation that they want to nibble on their babies...and i'm here to say that's accurate.

i want to nibble all of her perfection right up. i could just burry my face in her neck and smell her all day long. 

did things just get weird? no judgement.

S A W Y E R  |  3  M O N T H S
nicknames | muffin, bitty, bitty mc-bittles, bittles, sister

weight | when muffin was born she was in the 14th percentile for weight. itty-bitty, right? well, at her two month appointment it was found out she's jumped to nearly the 60th percentile for weight. when it comes to nursing, our gal doesn't mess around...or maybe it means i was eating too much ice cream?

sleep | more bragging...and i can't even help it. my gal has been quite the sleeper. she goes down at 7 pm each night. i wake her up between 10 and 10:30 pm for a quick nursing session, and then i wake her up again around 5 am for another round.

now, i have actually been toying with the idea of staying awake after she eats at 5 am to get a workout in, but i have yet to actually execute that plan. i'll keep you posted.

napping has been a bit trickier. i've been really lax about getting her on a napping schedule because we've been on the go so much lately. i have noticed that she definitely takes a nap around 9 am, 12:30 pm, and again around 4 pm...but those naps happen in super random places. sometimes she's on her little pod pillow (which apparently is a big no-no), sometimes in her crib, and sometimes in her car seat. oh well. once farming starts and we're home more, our schedule will be more...scheduled.

eats | sawyer is still exclusively on breast milk. she takes a bottle like a champ, which is different from her sister...who refused a bottle from three months on, so hopefully that won't change.

at four months we started feeding kaye pureed veggies and skipped right over the oatmeal. i'm not sure if we'll take the same route with sawyer since she's such an easy eater. we'll chat with our pediatrician next month.

loves |'s hard to say what a three month old really loves. but i like to think she really loves me, a lot. it also seems as though she enjoys riding in the ergo with her farmer. she cuddles right into his chest and it's lights out. more love? i'm nearly positive sawyer loves kaye and thinks she's funny. i wasn't sure when their relationship would bloom, but farmer and i can see it happening daily.

dislikes | it's confirmed...our sawyer-muffin dislikes water. simple as that. poor gal. i know she'll warm up to it, but i hate that it makes her a sad-bear. we'll keep working on it.

what it comes down to is we basically won the baby lottery. if farmer and i were guaranteed more sawyer-babies i'd have three more tomorrow. but for now, we have one turtle and one's a pretty great combination of sweet and spice.