oh hey, friday! glad to see ya again.

i do believe you all know the drill:

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M Y  F I V E - remember at the beginning of january when i resolved to do better with my meal planning and meal making for my adorable family? well...minus my hiatus from food last week, i really have been doing an okay job. at least nobody is starving...so we've got that going for us.

i've been getting my pinterest on picking out delicious recipes i'll be whipping up in the coming weeks...and of course reporting back with my ooo's and ahhhh's, yay's and nay's.

1 | chicken + sweet potato packets
these look absolutely delicious and i'll be making them tonight...in the oven. but when summer rolls around you can count me in for popping these on the grill. i'll be leaving the bacon and bbq sauce off for a healthier option. i'll replace those goodies with some lemon and sea salt. whomp whomp...i miss the bacon already.

2 | quinoa enchilada casserole

i'm a sucker for quinoa. it makes me feel healthy. plus most anything that comes in a casserole version i can count on my turtle trying. she's a sucker for comfort foods...just like her mama.

3 | slow cooker beef tacos

confession - after i had sawyer my sweet cathie brought this meal to the farm for us to enjoy. the best part? she had it all bagged up in a gallon ziplock so that we could make it at our leisure. not to mention she also brought us an avocado, cilantro, sour cream, and tortillas. she thought of it all. what i'm saying is...this is a phenomenal meal to bring to someone who just had a baby. my only complaint was she totally skipped out on bringing us margaritas. kidding!

bottom line...make this meal.

4 | lasagna soup

i can't vouch for how healthy this soup is, but i can trust that it will be filing and comforting. i go weak in the knees for a good soup and i can't wait to try this goodie and hopefully throw it into a regular meal rotation. yum.

5 | chicken alfredo baked ziti

i'm going to try and pretend this one can be considered healthy. i mean, it has baked chicken, skinny alfredo sauce, and if i used whole grain noodles...well...i can probably count on losing a few pounds. (or not.) regardless, anything delicious in moderation, right?

i can't wait to toss these delicious recipes together and get votes from turtle and our farmer.

okay, link-up time.