you read that right. stay at home moms definitely need days off. like...away from their children. you know, time to get their hair done...and maybe their toes too? time to run to the post office, go grocery shopping, eat a meal prepared for them. time to listen to NPR on the radio without constantly handing snacks/drinks/toys/binkies to the back seat.

don't get me wrong...i'm totally happy to hand snacks/drinks/toys/binkies to the backseat 99% of the time...but when the day approaches that i'm driving in my car kid-free, sipping my's that sweet sweet sound of silence i relish.

so anyway...yesterday was that day for me.

my studly farmer took kaye and sawyer all day long. as i was getting my hair done the hair stylist asked me if i was able to relax or if i was constantly thinking there was something i needed to get done. i said, "excuse me? did you say something?" because guess what...i was in the zone. the karli zone. and that's a zone i want to go back to...when i need another little break.

it's absolutely fantastic to know that i can leave my girls with my farmer and they can get a break from me...and i can get a little break from the farm. that farmer of mine, he's a rare breed, friends.

after my day of relaxation, my farmer dropped off our girls with a sweet family that watches kaye for us on occasion. this was their first time with sawyer, so i was a little nervous. not because i didn't think they could handle both kaye and sawyer (they have four kids themselves). and not because i thought sawyer would be too tough to handle...but just because i'm a mom and that's what we do, right?

so my farmer drove into the big city to meet up with me for a delicious dinner. we ate sushi, drank a cocktail, and indulged in some ice cream. it was just so fun to be on a date with my hot hot farmer. i mean...he's super smokin'. he's even more smokin' when we go on a random tuesday night date.

a big thank you to my farmer. the sweetest, cutest, kindest farmer in all the land of farmers.
in other news...i was also able to write my guest post for julie over at the girl in the red shoes yesterday. i'm wrote all about my breastfeeding experience with sawyer so far. this is such an amazing series and so informative. i credit it to getting me through those first very tough months of nursing kaye. so if you're interested, pop over there and check it out!