why? why is there always something i want to spend money on? i've been making a serious effort as of late to not spend any money, but then...

i got an e-mail from patagonia about their 30% off sale.

i realized i have nothing to wear to a wedding in a few weeks.

said wedding is in arizona, and i have every intention of taking advantage of their heated pools. which means i needed like...six new bikinis. 

and of course my farmer needs some new duds to wear to the wedding.

the list goes on.

so where do i get off thinking i need to make a collage about all the goodies i would just loooove to hold in my arms, to call my own?

i did it anyway. enjoy the eye candy.
frye hobo + fitbit + nike runners
heart bangle 
scarf + lulu speed short + anthro candle