if i were in a spending money kind of mood my farmer would be getting spoiled to the max this upcoming day of love.

let's face it...the guy deserves a best husband/farmer/daddy medal. it's just the guys he is. plus, have i mentioned he's smokin' hot?

just look at him. yep. smokin' hot.
so as i was saying...i'd just love to spoil him. spoil him with all, some, or one of these gifts. but since my little spending freeze at the beginning of january, i don't want to open the floodgates.

instead, i'll be showering my farmer with homemade gifts like sweet treats and art projects from his very best gals. i think he might like that stuff better anyway.

but should you all need some last minute ideas...maybe one of these will strike your man's fancy?
beats + shaving kit + bulova
nike odyssey
osprey commuter + gopro + moscow mule mug