well, i think it's pretty clear i've reached a new level of crazy.

i came up with a new color scheme for the oh hey, friday! button for both february as well as spring.

i get equally as excited to reveal it as the previous each time. meanwhile, you all probably think it's annoying trying keep up with an ever-changing button. i just can't help myself.

anyway...i do believe you all know the drill:

1. grab this here snazzy valentine button and link back to September F A R M.
2. link up your post at the bottom of this post.
3. have a fantastic friday.
M Y  F I V E
1 | ain't no thang - this beauty was delivered on wednesday (after four months of waiting) and it's oh so beautiful. it will live in the bathroom we are finally getting around to finishing in our basement...which is where the girls will eventually share a room...but for now, just kaye's room is there. regardless, those spoiled girls are going to have a WAY nicer bathroom than our master, and i'm already jealous. if i could go back four years i would make a different decision on nearly every design choice i made in our home. first world problems, people. first world problems.

2 | did you all have a chance to see the saved by the bell skit jimmy fallon put together? you did? watch it again. you didn't? watch it immediately.
jimmy fallon - i adore you.

3 | but back to that sink console. it came with that gorgeous marble countertop, but now i have to pick out fixtures. this is my least favorite thing. i think i'm leaning towards this one on the left in the satin nickel finish. 
or maybe the one on the right? i don't know...

4 | if you follow my instagram you saw that i'm participating in the #1800minutechallenge with erin over at living in yellow
basically, it's exactly as it sounds. our goal is to complete 1800 minutes of physical activity over the next 60 days. it averages out to be 30 minutes a day. yesterday i got my sweat on on the treadmill while both girls were napping. when both girls nap at the same time...it's magic. i had the baby monitor going, the iPad was playing the biggest loser, and i slammed out 65 minutes. i also turned an impressive shade of purple...so i've got that going for me. i'm loving this challenge because i feel like it's holding me accountable to move my ass. seriously...this should be my mantra.

5 | speaking of moving my a**...i'm totally going back and forth and back and forth about getting a fitbit. anyone out there have one? thoughts?
okay...linkup time. get busy.