ouch. i'm going to need at least a day and a half to recover from my two and a half day vacation.
my sister, kelli, was here in boise this past weekend. it was more than awesome to see her because she's officially entering her third trimester and her little bump is so so cute.

(seriously...she's one of those gals that doesn't look pregnant from the back, then she turns around and she looks like she has a little volleyball under her sweater.)

this is kelli's first little muffin and the husband and she aren't finding out the sex...which drives me absolutely nuts...but i'm calling it now. it's a G I R L ! (i just know it.)

but back to the weekend...let me start from the beginning.

kelli flew in from chico on thursday night. i drove from the farm, snagged her and headed back out to the farm. this was going to be kelli's only chance to see farmer and the girls...she didn't want to pass that up.

friday morning we got packed up, played with the girls (kaye has officially found a new best friend in her auntie), said our goodbyes and headed for the city...boise that is.

side note | this was the first time leaving sawyer overnight and it hurt my heart! in addition...two and a half days of exclusively pumping is total garbage. but in the same breath, it's wonderful to have the tools that allow us to be away from our babes for work, outings, vacations, etc.

when we pulled into boise, first on the agenda was a facial for me, massage for kelli. being pampered never gets old. it just feels so good to completely clear the mind. the only downside to my facial was the grease ball that was my hair afterwards. i swear the esthetician rubbed straight oil into my scalp...and we still had to go out for lunch.
regardless, in all my greasy glory, we hit up one of my favorite spots, ten barrel, for some delicious fish tacos (and a beer for me). there is something to be said for eating out after you have children. not only is it SO SO wonderful to not have to prepare food and clean it up, but it's pretty great when you get to eat sans toddler running around a restaurant trying to chat up the other patrons. (as cute as i think this is...i'm sure our fellow diners aren't nearly as amused.)
at this point in our friday, kelli and i were pretty beat...what with all our pampering and eating. you know, that stuff can be exhausting. we headed to our hotel, got checked in and laid down for a hot second. then it was time to get showered and ready for dinner.

we met up with some friends (who also managed to get us a screaming deal on our downtown hotel. THANKS JEANINE!) at flatbread pizza in a new high-rise building downtown. i enjoyed a delicious pomegranate margarita...and also enjoyed drinking it in front of kelli...because i'm mean like that. we noshed on baked goat cheese, pizza, and meatballs.
to say i'm going to spend the next week doing cardio is an understatement.

after dinner, we were beat...so naturally we ordered a giant cookie with a side of ice cream to go and took it back to the hotel and enjoyed it there. once our heads hit the pillow, we were out. the morning came too soon...but we had things to do!

saturday, we woke up, hit some shops to find the girls some matching easter dresses and kelli some maternity/post-preg clothes, hit our very favorite store, lulu lemon, spent waaaay too much money (please don't tell my farmer)...all in an attempt to kill time before the day's spa treatments.

yes...we headed back to the spa for a massage for me and a facial for kelli. i'm feeling BEYOND spoiled and a little shamed. we really overdid it. but in our defense...kelli's pregnant! girlfriend needed pampered! and i was definitely just there to support her, or something like that / take total advantage of her pregnant situation.

after our spa afternoon we did some snacking and treated ourselves to a movie, mcfarland, where we scored some free popcorn...that was a nice surprise, but for sure the last thing we needed was some more calorie-laden treats. we ate it anyway.

we walked back to our hotel after the movie, and kelli decided she wanted to take a shower before bed. unfortunately, the water wouldn't get hot! she called down to the front desk and explained the situation. they said we weren't the only room with the problem. kelli pulled an ace from her sleeve and asked the manager if they would comp our room for the night seeing as how there was no hot water and all...and sure enough...FREE ROOM for the night! love that.

will you judge us if i tell you we were in bed around 9:30 pm? we were...and it felt so so nice. we needed our rest because sunday i had a few goodies up my sleeve.
we woke up early-ish (daylight savings and all) and hit up a new donut spot downtown for coffee and sweets. it's an awesome, little space and i highly recommend it! the service was quick and friendly and the donuts were delicious! guru donuts. do it.
i tried to pace myself because i had organized a surprise brunch in kelli's honor with a few close friends!
when we showed up to berryhill (another great space, and more DELICIOUS eating) and there were our best gals. we stayed for nearly three hours chatting and laughing and eating. we maybe even got a little teary-eyed at one point when we surprised kelli with her very own bob jogging stroller. love that.
at that point, our gal's weekend was over. i had to take kelli to the airport and say goodbye. the next time i see that gal, she'll have a little babe of her own.

she's going to be the very best at this "mom" bit. kelli has more patience, love, and kindness in her pinky than three of me put together. that's a lucky, little baby.

xoxo, sister! thank you for such an amazing weekend!

and a double, triple, quadruple xoxo to my farmer who wrangled both girls all weekend long so i could have some much needed sister time. he's absolutely the best. i'm totally underserving.