happy hump day.

is the time change killing anyone else? spring forward is leaving this gal with a  little less spring in her step.

so. tired.

however...it seems to have doubled tripled the spring in both my girls' steps. between sawyer constantly rolling to her stomach and whining / crying about it and kaye needing me here, there, and everywhere over the past two days...i feel run ragged. everything is literally, "come on mama! mama! come on!"

which makes having a hayley, from smarty pants fashion, on the blog today so so fine. i'm having a hard time comprehending anything past princess dresses and mickey mouse clubhouse.

hayley is going to bring some youthful pizazz to September FARM today, and i can't thank her enough.

KARLI | girl...did i say thank you for all the fashion inspiration? alas...i'm still in yoga pants this morning. regardless, let's talk about your blog!

what two things do you hope people recognize about your blog?
HAYLEY | Two things I hope people know about my blog when they visit are definitely that I am a college student in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world and secondly that I post fashion that I wear, not styled outfits that are totally out there and normal people can't wear, I am all about shopping your closet! A great example is my pumpkin patch post you really get a feel for how gorgeous Savannah is!

KARLI | ummm...yes. savannah IS gorgeous! i really hope i make it down south one day. the farthest i've been southeast is texas.

so...why did you start smarty pants fashion?

HAYLEY | I started Smarty Pants Fashions at the suggestion of my mom and because of my major, Fashion Marketing and Management. My mom encouraged me to start this blog because she knows I love fashion and expressing myself and for my major employers like to know your writing skills and fashion skills and this blog displays both! And actually landed me a summer internship!

KARLI | that's awesome. i hope it was a paid internship! regardless...that looks super good on the ol' resume!

can you tell us a little about hayleyjlarson.com?

HAYLEY | Hayleyjlarson.com is my website, I designed the layout myself and picked the colors and fonts. Also done for school it has all of my contact information and a page with my blog posts and links to my online portfolios! It is great to show employers and it really expresses me as a person, this website actually landed me a different internship with Romance Riders clothing because it is quirky and not super clean and monotonous.

KARLI | i headed over there to have a look and found myself browsing for nearly an hour! that is such an awesome resource to share with potential employers as well as another creative outlet. i wish i had been that put together in college.

you basically kill it in the fashion department. can you share some of your favorite posts with us?

HAYLEY | Oh goodness, some of my favorites,,, this is hard because I try really hard to make sure I don't keep items in my closet that I don't wear, I'm not saying I'm super successful but I try. Lets see, Sweater Weather, Giving Fall the Slip, Don't Be Basic, and Denim on Denim are some of my favorites I like clothes that I am comfortable in. If I don't have to leave my house or I'm just running out really quick you can bet I will be in sweat pants. I think fashion should be comfortable and that goes with my tag line, great fashion doesn't have to hurt. Not just your wallet but also on a comfort level!

KARLI | can you tell me how to style yoga pants? i have a pretty solid collection going on. nobody is really excited about that.

if someone said you had to quit your blog...how would you feel?

HAYLEY |  I would be devastated, I don't always know that anyone besides my mom and grandmother read my blog but occasionally people will comment and I know I have readers out there that enjoy my posts but when I started I was doing it for myself. My blog gives me a voice and I really need that, even though running a blog is a lot of work and takes a lot of time I love it and I don't know what I would do if I was told I had to stop!

KARLI | same same. it's so much work to put together a post...or even post consistently, but i'm addicted. i love having a spot to share my voice in addition to an archive of our lives out here on the farm!

what are your favorite blog resources?

HAYLEY | Bloglovin', for sure my all time favorite blog resource, and the blogging facebook pages that I am a part of I have had the opportunity to join so many great ventures with other bloggers! Polyvore is also a lifesaver when I am featuring items that I have had for a while and need to quickly browse all the similar items!

KARLI | oh lord. i tried using polyvore a few times...and quickly realized that since i have no fashion sense i should probably leave it to gals like you.

what do you have coming up this spring / summer?!

HAYLEY | I have so many exciting adventures this spring and summer! Firstly I will be walking in the Savannah College of Art and Designs Spring Commencement even though I am not technically finished with classes until Fall! Yay me! Then my roommate and I are going to the Dominican Republic with Batey Rehab Project which is run by a SCAD Alumni, that is nine days in the Dominican learning and helping people I cannot wait! I also have tentative plans to road trip to California this summer but of course that depends on time and money. For the next six months I will be doing a Social Media internship with House of Fleur Fleur in Atlanta so thats exciting!

KARLI | wow! sounds like some awesome blogging material and a great reason to follow smarty pants fashion! i hope you plan on blogging all this gold.

well, to finish up a good q + a i have to ask...have you ever done anything ca-razy?

HAYLEY | Crazy,,, Crazy,,, Well moving from Minnesota to Savannah Georgia not knowing a single soul was pretty crazy! Since moving to Savannah I have done a number of crazy things, most of them involving drinking and lots of it, most recently my roommate and I were accidentally trespassing for a photo project of hers and the owner came over and threatened to have us arrested! Now that I think about it, my roommate and I have been caught trespassing a lot and I think that is just a side effect of begin an art student! I think I need to start sharing my crazy stories on my blog as they happen just so I can remember them!

well girl...i can't thank you enough for being with us this fine hump day! especially bringing a new topic (fashion) to the blog...that never happens!

in addition to hayley being just plain awesome, she also wanted to offer September FARM readers a $5 discount off her sponsorship opportunities...all you have to do is e-mail her and mention this post!

you can also get more hayley!