it's a lot to keep up on...this blogging thing. i can't be the only one who feels this way.

sometimes i feel like taking a two week vacation from it...but then i don't. my boss would surely fire me.

but then who would i tell what i packed in easter baskets this year or that we caught another mouse this morning. that makes four for the week, people. four.

farm living?

what i'm saying is...i need the blog to brag about all my mouse-pets. (said no one ever.)


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M Y  F I V E  |  O U R  W E E K (according to my iphone - round 2)

1 | crappy weather
i swear she had a great time.
the weather was suuuuuper crap-tastic on tuesday and i knew we had to get out of the house. so my best gals and i packed up and headed to boise so kaye could work out some energy at a play gym while sawyer and i...sat there and watched.

one of the many things i absolutely adore about kaye is her independence. she's not afraid to talk to the other kids or say, "come on, let's play!" 

even though i wouldn't mind climbing around the gym with her for a few minutes, i don't have to be that parent. it sure makes for a nice outing.

after working up an appetite we headed to one of our favorite spots for lunch...and gelato. if you're ever in the boise area, head to boise fry company for lunch. it never disappoints.

2 | when you grow up on a farm...

when you grow up on a farm sometimes this puts quite a distance between you and normal childhood going to the park, for example. so we improvise by letting her play on heavy machinery. she'll probably start taking tractor-driving lessons next year.

3 | princess farmer
i'm not sure if you saw this picture on instagram...but it's worth another mention. the caption was...

because i wouldn't let her wear heels in the alfalfa field. #assholeparent #princessproblems

4 | more gorgeous we walk

living where we live we have a bit of a wind problem. it can be so obnoxious. but on days that it's sunny and NOT windy...we go outside. this has also been our new strategy now that kaye is done-zo napping. she's been dragging hard around 2:30 pm each day, but if i can keep her busy and moving outside she gets a second wind and can make it until bedtime at 7 pm.
5 | sawyer bear

my sawyer. she is five months old as of tuesday. i'll be writing a little monthly update post next week, but i can't help but give her a little mention. she's been holding herself so well this week that i know in maybe a week or two she'll be sitting up on her own. she can do it now, but her balance isn't super great. i never thought i'd be someone who said this, but i wish i could keep her a baby. she's just so damn sweet.

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