the weekend is over. whomp whomp.

nobody ever said, oh hey, monday!...even though it still rhymes.

i'm particularly sad because our farmer logged some serious family time with us...and we love that. you see...he's been working like a...farmer. but like a really busy farmer. like a farmer who's also the accountant, secretary, mechanic, and part-time babysitter.

but seriously, i threw a pretty big fit on saturday about how much we missed him (even though we see him a lot throughout the day)...and that fit paid off because later that day we took an outing with amy and her boys to go see the baby easter sheep at a neighboring farm.

throwing fits works.

so as i was saying...we went to see the baby easter sheep, but the better story was all about kaye and brody. i'm afraid i have a little boy crazy gal on my hands. kaye loves brody. so much in fact, she was faking injuries so he would come tend to her and pay her some attention. i can't say i've ever pulled that move before...but what a forward-thinking strategy.

see what i mean?

girlfriend has found herself a farm boy.

but her main man is still our farmer...for now.
the sweet farm we visited was enviable. sheep, cows, and a greenhouse that made my farmer's eyes say ooh la la. he said he's going to build me one, now, even though we don't even have a garden. we'll see.

kaye was all about the sheep, but particularly the lambs. not timid at all. she was desperately trying to catch one, but when she would get close she would squeal and run maybe she was a little afraid.

whats even better, the weather was lovely. slightly windy...but the sun was warm and it felt so good to be outside. 

the kids loved exploring the property, and as you can see, kaye explored in her easter boots. i couldn't help but give her the hunters just a little early. 

here's to another week of lovely weather, farm exploring, and more fit throwing so we can see what else my fits can get us.