listen to me. don't read this post if you don't want to put your jealous pants on.

don't read this post if you're easily wooed by adorable 2 1/2 year olds. 

don't read this post if you've always wanted to be one of those suuuuuper cute pregnant gals but ended up in leggings and a cardigan every day (eh-hem...i'll sheepishly raise my hand to that).

don't read this post if you often have hair envy (raises hand again).

DO read this post if you like winning $50 gift cards to TARGET!

do read this post if you want to meet jill from capri + co. 

you'll want to, i promise. 

KARLI | jill! yay! so...i've been reading your blog for a bit now, but for the people who haven't...

what will we find within the first three minutes of finding your blog?

JILL | In the first three minutes of finding my blog you will see that I talk a lot about my 2 year old daughter, Caprilee, and my current pregnancy (due with baby boy in about 1 month).
Then, you will find my love of home d├ęcor and simple DIY projects. (When I say simple DIY, I mean using spray paint to make something pretty.) 
I love connecting with others, sharing my thoughts, and the things I love most.
KARLI | i love it. your suuuuper-smokin' pregnancy almost makes me think about wanting to get pregnant again. then i snap back to reality when i realize i'm going to get woken up at 4 am...don't ask what we've been going through out here on the farm...i digress...

tell us more about that cute gal of yours! who is she more likely to dial up and ask for a play date?

JILL | Caprilee is almost 2 1/2 and so much fun! Although she has been testing us more and more I can't get enough of her evolving personality. She loves Minnie Mouse, cookies (any kind of snacks, really), dancing, baby dolls, and swimming. I'm looking forward to her taking on the big sister role. 
She would definitely love to cause some trouble with your adorable Kaye. Being only a few months apart in age I think they would be best friends if they met in person. P.s. Can Kaye teach Capri a thing or two about this whole potty training business? If you read my post 'Operation Potty Training' you'll know we didn't get too far.

KARLI | oh girl. when kaye went in the toilet the first time i cried. i couldn't even believe it. and i'm not even a crier. it's seriously like winning the parenting gold medal. i swear i thought she would never do it. now she does it all the time. when it clicks. your capri will be there before you know it.

let's get real - you're one of the most darling (read: hottest) pregnant gals ever. with seven weeks to are you doing?

JILL | Thank you -- You are too sweet! I think most mamas will agree that the last month(s) of pregnancy are the hardest...and the longest. I came across this picture the other day and it could not be truer...
Overall, this pregnancy has really, really, flown by and it has been very good to me. I really can’t complain. I am just so excited to meet our little boy!  

KARLI | you're so so so right. that's exactly how i felt...and i'm sure it's how my sister is feeling right now! she's 36.5 weeks...and counting every hour. 

any favorite pregnancy posts to share?

JILL | Our gender reveal party was so much fun! Read all about it here.
Also, the video we made of how I surprised Tim that we were pregnant will always be a favorite memory. See it here.

And me getting real with my third trimester thoughts here.

KARLI | bah! he wore his blue undies! and nuts // no nuts with the m + m's. i loooooove it! and that video...the sweetest.

favorite question that has nothing to do with babies - which cast of the real housewives would you most likely be on?

JILL | I think I would fit most on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, I miss the girls from the Orange County. I don't think I could hang with the girls in NYC, Atlanta, or Miami. Wouldn't that be so much fun to be a part of any of those casts? Totally a guilty pleasure of mine!

KARLI | isn't the OC starting like...tonight? the new season? yes? hang on...let me check my DVR.

nope, I jumped the gun - june 8th, people. june 8th. 

three guilty pleasures...go.

JILL | Besides binge watching trashy reality shows...

1. Popcorn and M & M's
2. Buying way too many throw pillows + blankets
3. Online shopping

If you're like me and one of your guilty pleasures is online shopping, or browsing Target, okay, or just shopping in general, enter my $50 Target Gift Card giveaway below.

Thank you so much for having me, Karli!

no jill, thank you! so much fun to chat with you, stalk your blog, and share you with the september farm friends!

and if you want more jill...