no hard could it be to paint mason jars. 

not hard at all, that's how hard...but somehow i still managed to mess it up with left my farmer plenty of ammunition for days of snarky comments...until i threw the jars away.

i painted the jars to hold flowers for the mother's day brunch i hosted. in the end, they kind of turned out...they got the job done. 

i digress...

if you want to paint some mason jars to create some super cute vases for a party, or maybe just your home, i'm all about this. super cute.

however, if i want to paint some mason time i'll plan on it being a two day project that still doesn't turn out. 

mason jar(s)
foam brush
black chalkboard paint
paint color of choice

1 | you'll start out by painting your mason jar black. suuuuper duper simple. i just put my hand inside the jar and gave it a single coat. 
this is where i made my first mistake. do not apply any additional paint until your jar is completely dry. 
2 | as stated, after your jars are completely dry, in a thin layer, apply the color of your choice paint. this coat will not and should not cover the black paint. you'll have to apply a few more layers. 
3 | wrap the mouth of the jar in your desired ribbon for a little extra personalization and load your vases with flowers. 

done and done!

4 | optional final step - you can lightly sand your jars in different spots and on the letters to give it a custom, distressed look. 

*the main reason mine didn't turn out is because i didn't wait for the jars to be completely dry between coats and the paint i picked was less peachy and more neon-y. it looks so terrible. so i ended up mixing some white and red paint i had on hand to make a light pink. i added that as a final coat and my jars ended up having a peachy/pink hue going on. 

then they ended up in the trash.