happy father's day to all the super radical dads out there who wrestle, cuddle, comfort, teach, love, show kindness, tenderness, and countless other qualities to their children.

my girls...well, they are so so fortunate to have our farmer in their lives. without our farmer they would be left with a high-strung mom who likes things clean.

thank god our farmer is laid-back, knows how to have a super-fun good time, and balances me darn-near perfectly.

opposites attract? you bet.

i hope my farmer had a wonderful father's day weekend. he deserved it.

on friday night i sent him on his way to the mountains to meet up with friends to go whitewater kayaking.

it's been well over a year since my farmer has been able to escape to go kayaking...farm-babies change things...

anyway...i hear he had a great time, but at the very least, i hope he enjoyed his time away from the farm.

my farmer turned kayaker made it back saturday night, which is good because amy and i had cooked up a little surprise for sunday morning for both our men.

amy and her three favorite boys headed over to our farm sunday morning for a pancake breakfast with eggs, bacon skewers, oj, and plenty of coffee.

after breakfast and an ample amount of chaotic play time for the kids we sent our farmers on a dirt bike ride. (another activity they don't really ever get to do.)

i like to think the gift in this activity is just not having to worry about anyone but themselves, right? that's pretty glorious.

so the boys left from our farm around 10 am and apparently rode all the way into oregon, down to nevada, and then back to idaho.


i'm pretty sure this doesn't sound like fun to amy and me. at least if i had a full day off from the kids, you would surely find me going for a leisurely run, then out to brunch, then to a massage, maybe a nap, throw in a little shopping, dinner, maybe a movie...that's a nice day off.

apparently that's not their cup of tea. so they rode their bikes over 150 miles from our farm and finished up at amy's farm where amy had grilled up a delicious dinner of chicken and veggie kabobs and a tri tip to make sure we got the necessary protein.

steak - so father's day-esque. very manly.

it was a very full day for all parties involved. i can't speak for amy, but i was exhausted, my children were exhausted, my farmer was exhausted. love that.

happy father's day to my farmer. you're the very very best and we love you so much.