oh hey...hey friday! you snuck right up on me this week. not mad about it...especially since this sunday is father's day!

we have plans for my farmer on sunday, but i hope he's able to spoil himself a little and take some time for just himself. he deserves it...he had both girls by himself while i went back to california on sunday. more on that in a few...

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1 | so...if you didn't know (which you probably didn't)...my sister was pregnant. but now she's not because she had the baby!!!! some details...

kelli and her husband rob didn't find out what they were having, so it was a complete surprise.
kelli hates any sort of attention, so i'm pretty sure she's told exactly four people she had a baby. so very celebrity of her.
SHE HAD A GIRL! seriously. a GIRL! you guys...i couldn't have been more thrilled with this news. you see - my younger sister also has a little girl, and now my older sister has a girl. we're just a girl family. it's what we do.

i'm beyond thrilled to present baby reese's very first online debut! kelli allowed me to snap these pictures and i'm just so in love with little reesey-poo-poo. yeah...i'm going to try to get kaye to call her that.
2 | let's keep this train going! last weekend i ran a half marathon in nearly 90 degree heat. i was dumping water on myself at every aid station and begged a man with a hose watering his yard to spray me.

in celebration of surviving the race...

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4 | RIP iPhone

great news everyone! i set up the gals' new swimming pool yesterday and i was so excited for them to try it out. it's so awesome. the girls love it. our little oasis on the farm.
i loved it too...until bitty decided to plunge face first into the water. naturally, i jumped into action. i threw my brand new iPhone 6 and rescued my baby. 

i threw my phone directly into that stupid oasis. it went swimming. i hope it enjoyed it...because i didn't. 

the phone is currently living in a bag of rice until i feel like i can risk turning it back on. online says to wait 36 hours...so i have a bit to go. wish us luck.


yes...it's right around the corner! not only is the 4th my sister's birthday, but i have a feeling this year is going to be a good one now that kaye is getting bigger. love it. 

here are a few pins i have on my radar...
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