if i had a bunch of dinero i would spoil my farmer to the ends. 

instead, we have just a little bit of dinero and i choose to spend it on clothing for my gals who will outgrow it in a matter of months. 

i'm working on my justifications as we speak. 

however...i did buy myself a pair of short cutoff shorts (and when i say short...i mean short) that my farmer has complimented me on no fewer than five times...so i guess that was kind of a present for him, too? yes?

but back to the point - father's day is breathing down our necks. my farmer has specifically requested that we NOT put on a brunch (like mother's day) or even a brews + BBQ, relaxed style in the backyard. whomp whomp. 

what a party pooper. 

instead, i have a little something up my sleeve that i KNOW he's going to love...so we've got that going for us. 

it includes none of the below.

however...if you're still scratching your head about what to get for your main squeeze or dad or special guy...here are a few ideas. 

sweatshirt // this little j. crew number is super soft and glorious and wonderful. and if your guy is long-armed and long-bodied like my farmer...it'll be a great fit. also, if your guy prefers bargains and used clothing like my farmer...this sweatshirt is unmarked so nobody will know it's from j. crew. shhh...don't tell my farmer.

jawbone // the jawbone seems similar to the fitbit...but it's a lot cooler looking, right? i think this might actually be a piece my farmer would wear.

watch // the bulova warden watch just looks hip and with it. i also dig that it's not the traditional leather strap...much more casual.

soft cooler // have you heard of the yeti? this particular version is called the hopper, but they have all shapes and sizes. my farmer has been lusting over a yeti cooler for years and i wish he would just bite the bullet and get himself one. or maybe i should fork over the benjamins (yes, plural...as in over $300) for boating this summer.

beach towel // did you know pendleton makes their classic blanket print as a beach towel? yeah...that's rad. and while i'm pretty sure my farmer could care exactly 0% about what he dries himself off with...i know he'd look good doing it with one of these.