it's fri-yay! and we're at it again...oh hey, friday! is here and going strong all summer long.

and by strong, i mean i'll be posting a lot of iPhone pictures...because that's all i seem to be doing lately.

we're just on the go go go so much these days, it's nearly impossible to think about lugging around a giant camera.

but go go go-ing is what summer is all about, am-i-right? you bet.

let's get bizz-ay!

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

1 | oh lawd. you know i love me an ad sale...and i'm bringing it this fine friday in hopes that i'll sell enough to buy myself a massage after my half marathon this weekend. help a gal out, yes?

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2 | you guys...i did it. i ended up using rent the runway for the wedding my farmer and i attended last weekend in santa barbara. i snagged this little nicole miller dress for $30. 

when i explained to my farmer what rent the runway was all about...he was shocked. as in...he thought it was a brilliant idea. it was the one time my farmer has ever been excited about clothing...simply because he knew i was wearing a used dress and it only cost $30.

the only downfall was that when it arrived it hit mid kneecap. definitely not my style, and certainly not my farmer's. he prefers short short short. so...since i've been doing a million squats and lunges each day i hiked, ironed, and pinned that dress as short as i dared...and my farmer wasn't mad about it. 
3 | i've got a problem...and it goes by the name of ice cream. while in santa barbara, my farmer and i ventured out on our last night and happened upon a local ice cream shop...and it didn't disappoint. my farmer was excited and ordered his scoop first...and i thought i'd one-up him and went for the double, giant scoop. it's safe to say he was sad and disappointed as he finished his and had to watch me for an additional 20 minutes finish up mine. he's lucky i shared. 

i'm still having dreams about that little ice cream shop...delicious dreams.
4 | we were gone from our girls for three days and it felt like an eternity. we missed them so so, so so much. i swear sawyer got cuter while we were gone and kaye got even sweeter. 

but dare i say, sawyer might have mischievous ways up her sleeve. please reference the cocked eyebrow above. 
5 | right right before we left for santa barbara my new chairs for our old kitchen table arrived. i can't tell you how excited this makes me. 

the original chairs to the table we received for $free.99. they were okay, but the seat portion was wicker. wicker is terrible with children. you would not believe the garbage that gets caught in the wicker. playdoh, food, juice, puffs, food, unidentifiable things, etc. just disgusting and you can't clean it out. 

my new chairs? brilliantly plastic. i know, i know. not the fanciest. my original inspiration came from multiple kitchens i found on pinterest with fiberglass chairs, like these...
but at nearly $350 each...that was insane. my plastic chairs were much more affordable and did the trick. the best part? they wipe clean and i'm in love. 

now i just need our new fridge to arrive (NEXT WEEK!!!) and finally decide on some light figures for over the island and we're in business. 

enough about kitchen's linkup time! you know the drill!