hello loves! here on the farm we had our first 90º day and it was glorious. i set up the little turtle pool in our backyard and let the gals have at it.
speaking of the turtle pool...the poor thing has a hole in it...which certainly got me on amazon.com to have another delivered asap, but the one i have my eyeball in is $50.
see...so much fun. bitty can splash about. kaye can go crazy, as she does. i foresee hours and hours of outside, backyard fun for all. yay!

but first i'm going to need to win the $140 paypal cash going on down below. i'm on it. are you on it? you should be, or don't so that my chances are better.

or maybe you don't even need $140, but you DO NEED some more great blogger ladies in your life. i have you covered there too. have a looky-loo, show the much deserved love, and then go have yourself a great, little monday.
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