guess what happens when you have two kids?

time FLIES. it just zooms right by. before you know it your day // week // month is over.

and when the month is over your once newborn is all of a sudden seven months old. it's seriously so hard to believe.

my little sawyer-muff, my bitty-boo-boo is growing up...and don't get me started on kaye. girlfriend skipped three years old and seems like a five year old, asking to go to school nearly every day.

but back to sawyer...

little girl, you continue to be the happiest baby i've ever seen. how is this even possible? not only are you happy, but you're just so chill. truly, i think this is because of your sister. she's wildly entertaining and you absolutely adore watching her do...everything. i can tell you're learning all of her naughty ways.

maybe this means you'll continue your sweet demeanor and know that naughtiness is not the ticket...and just let kaye forge that path? maybe? i bet so.
regardless, kaye makes you laugh more than anyone else. you can't take your eyes off her, and when she pays you some attention you couldn't be happier. however, if she doesn't pay you attention, you do everything you can to get your hands on her. your farmer and i have had to save your life a few times because you can really get at her. i'm talking - if you are both playing on the floor, you quite literally climb on to kaye, and you particularly like playing with her hair.

i'm shocked daily at just how patient kaye is with you, but sometimes you get under her skin...this is particularly awesome, because it's exactly what little sisters are supposed to do.

above it all, you've hit some milestones this month.

nicknames | bitty-boo-boo, bitty, sawyer-muff, muffin, sweetness

height + weight | umm...well...i just measured and weighed her, and my super scientific method is clearly off. if we went by what i came up with, she's lost a pound and shrunk and inch...not good.

regardless, he clothes are getting smaller on her and her cheeks are certainly plumping more and i'm nearly positive she's not shrinking.

food | i know she's not shrinking because of her insane eating habits. either i'm the very best baby food chef in all the land or my gal is NOT a picky eater. she'll eat anything.

this month i purchased a baby bullet (used on amazon for like, $30 and it looked brand new) and i've been dabbling in making sawyer's food. this is seriously so easy and convenient...and i LOVE knowing exactly what she's getting. also, when i make her food i know that it's not packed with sugar, like so many of those organic pouches.

nothing against the pouches - kaye lived on them...and still does. but if you look at the sugar content, it's a lot for the amount of calories. i know it's sugar from fruit, but it's still a lot.

anyway, sawyer looooves - zucchini + sweet potatoes, blueberries + spinach + avocado, and avocado with anything. speaking of avocado, did you know if you blend it up it comes out suuuuper creamy? i had no clue, but it's delightful.

sleep | we continue to do well in the sleep department. especially in the last few weeks. i can lay her down and nine times out of ten will fall asleep without any fuss. it's fantastic.

however...there were a few days in there when you were cutting your first tooth that made you ridiculously crabby. i'm just going to put this out there, but that effing sucked for me, and i'm sure it didn't feel good for you either. sorry gal.

sawyer takes two naps a day that can range from one our to 2.5 hours. i'm waiting for some consistency.

sawyer also sleeps from about 6 pm until 7 am with one wake up sometime between 3 - 5 am. i'm into it.

nursing | we're still nursing, and taking it week to week. sawyer nurses five to six times in a 24 hour period.

milestones | i've seen sawyer get into crawling position // hold the position a handful of times. i'm pretty sure we're not close to taking any steps.

speaking of steps...girlfriend LOVES to walk, assisted, just like her sister. in fact, i caught her trying to pull herself up (using her toy barn) the other day. i couldn't believe it. she made it to her knees and then the barn tipped over. so maybe we'll have another early walker?

our gal is also a babble-machine and loves to say da-da-da-da and mmmmmma! mmmmmma! obviously she's saying daddy and mama...obviously.

teeth! you finally have teeth. one official tooth on the bottom left, and it's partner in crime is poking through now too. this is so funny to me because i'm pretty sure kaye was getting molars at seven months...actually, kaye had six teeth at this age.

loves | LOVE LOVE riding on the 4-wheeler or the side-by-side. we're talking ear to ear smile the entire time...and you just kick kick kick your legs.

you've also recently decided you love the water...which is a wonderful development considering your intense aversion to it a few months ago. splashing is officially on your list of hobbies.

dislikes |'re pretty easy-breezy, but you really don't like when kaye picks you up by your neck. i've had to save your life a few times.

sawyer-bitty-boo-boo-muffin-gal...we love you so so much. you're beyond sweet and make me look like the best mom with how happy you are. your aunt kelli is getting ready to have a baby here in a week or so and i HOPE her baby has the same easy-going demeanor as you. you really make it easy 99% of the time.

you're beyond loved, my love.