happy day! i'm leaving on a jet plane...i'll be back on monday.

my farmer and i are headed off the farm to sunny santa barbara for my cousin's wedding and i absolutely am beyond thrilled.

to make this possible, my farmer has quite literally been living in a tractor for the past 36 hours.

of course everything was going a little too perfectly during our first cutting of alfalfa.

no wind. no rain. we had all of our hay cut with some of it raked and ready to be baled, the rest of it ready to be raked. and then it hit...a microburst of 40 mph winds and it tore our fields apart. i watched the life drain from my farmer's eyes.

the ten minutes of wind and the rain that followed in the early morning hours caused my farmer to be set back by three days and added on two solid days of work to try and catch up...finishing just in time for us to leave today at 12:30 pm.

farming is stressful, people. not only are we at the mercy of the weather, but the weather also dictates what our crop is worth.

farming...it's risky bizz.

but as i was saying, my farmer didn't sleep for about 36 hours, lived in a tractor, drank way too much coffee...all so we could be ready to go today. bless him. bless that man of mine.

all this to say, i'm skipping oh hey, friday today, but you don't have to!

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i'll just finish this up with a few iPhone snaps...
kaye adores sawyer a solid majority of the time...so much so...she refused to let anyone but her push bitty in the swing.
i've so enjoyed trying new recipes on the grill this spring...and it only took me three years to finally successfully make sweet potato fries.

this was a chicken and shrimp stir fry over whole grain rice. farmer approved. 
eh - hum...we have baby goats again this year! kaye is NOT shy. more than once i had to tell her to stop grabbing the goat's tail. ew.

we have three kids so far...and we're waiting on one, maybe two more. so so cute.
we had some warm days this week, and we love taking the 4-wheeler out and taking spins around the farm to watch the guys work. it's been interesting this year, but i think i've perfected having bitty in the front in the ergo, and kaye hangs onto my waist in the back.
yesterday, as my farmer was logging is 30+ hour in the tractor, i figured he needed cheering up, so i got the girls to snuggle. i adore seeing how much they love each other. it's the best.

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