hiiiiiyyyyy. hi. (said in the least sheepish way possible.)

so...about two weeks ago i was supposed to share my six week progress pictures from the #bikiniseries.

then life got away from me. then my farmer started working 23 hours a day. then my farmer and i left for santa barbara. and then i came up with a series of excuses that don't really make sense.

and maybe, quite consciously, i wasn't excited to show you week six...because guess what?

it looks NEARLY IDENTICAL to week four. i know. whomp whomp.

and now that the entire challenge is "over" i can tell you *spoiler alert*...week eight looks worse than week six. can i blame that on the wedding and santa barbara?

can i blame it on the ice cream i had last night, and the night before, and then the ice cream i'm munching on right now?

should i be down on myself for all the slip-ups over the past week?

should it take me a week to get my act together and jump back on the healthy train?

in the past, yes. that's exactly what would have happened. i would keep finding excuses to eat this or that or indulge or say, "i'll start tomorrow."

can you relate?

but this is not going to be the case this time. i worked really hard for eight weeks. and even though those eight weeks weren't perfect, there was still some serious progress.

let's keep this train going.
as i was saying, i'm going to keep plugging along. we're going to pretend like weeks seven and eight never happened and jump right into week nine. 

the #toneitup gals post weekly workouts every sunday, so i'll pick those back up and clean up my food intake as well. 

back to no dairy. it has been 100% confirmed that dairy and i have a problem with one another. 

i'm also going to use the next few weeks to work on lifting heavier. it's time to take these baby muscles to the next level. 

so here's to jumping back on the wagon and taking better care of myself...again.