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farm life - it's something else. 

farm life - it provides incredible experiences for my little family every day. my best gals are growing up on a property that their farmer works every day; on a property where my girls can go outside and not see another house, just acres and acres of green.

farm life - it's a job my farmer loves, but a job that keeps him from us during the growing season. and that my not okay with me. 

solution? we go to him. 

i think we can all agree that dinner time as a family is super important and it's definitely something i push for on the daily. dinner together is an opportunity to start traditions with my young family, a time to connect with my farmer, and always provides an opportunity for us to teach our girls the things we value by example.

i love family dinners.

you see, the farm sometimes takes our farmer from us, so when dinner time rolls around, we track our farmer down. but first, we have to figure out how to get the food to the farmer safely. that's where glad press'n seal comes in that i snagged at walmart...and i'm so glad i did. i had seen my gal, amy, use it...and i loved the way it stuck and stayed stuck to any type of bowl, tupperware, dish...i knew it was going to do well on the farm.

as i was saying...when making my farmer a to-go dinner, i could easily throw together a sandwich, toss it in a baggie, but i like to make sure my man is eating healthy...he deserves it. and what better way to eat healthy than to get the grill going. 

i loooove kabobs - healthy, quick, and clean-up is a breeze. you can quite literally throw your meat and veggies on the grill, season it...
...and 10 minutes later dinner is ready to be plated, wrapped in glad press'n seal, and ready to be transported to our farmer's location (read: middle of the field in a tractor.)
but what's dinner in the middle of a corn field without making it a little special?

this particular night, before i wrapped our dinner up, i decided it would be a fun idea to write little notes on the glad press'n seal to my farmer letting him know how much we care for him, love him, and what all his hard work means to us. he's really one of a kind...and i snagged him. hands off. 

i simply pulled a length out, grabbed a sharpie, wrote the note, wrapped the food. then the girls and i were on our way. 
naturally, kaye needed her super special, personalized plate...naturally. 
we arrived at the field and set dinner up picnic style. to say this is kaye's favorite way to eat dinner would be an understatement. she's an active, active gal.
i hope my farmer knows just how much we adore him and appreciate him and realize the sacrifice he makes for us every day. he really really is the best. 

thanks to glad press'n seal for the help making our farmer feel that much more loved.