hey thursday...you just got a little bit better and i like that about you.

know why?

we get to have christina from The New Mrs. here today. i don't think it's a secret...i loooove sharing awesome new bloggers with you all...and christina is it.

not only is she a suuuuper fun writer, but she has great style, fun ideas, she's pretty...and maybe most importantly...she's brought a LILY PULITZER giveaway with her here today. YAY!

(idaho girls - go ahead and scratch your heads. i know we're still trying to figure out who this lily gal is.)

KARLI | let’s just get the awkward out of the way…let’s be friends! you live in the philadelphia suburbs…i nannied in the philadelphia suburbs. it was meant to be!

i’ll tell you my favorite thing about philadelphia if you tell me yours! ready…go.

CHRISTINA | What a fun coincidence - too bad you don't still live around here! Do I have to pick just one?! I love the historic/touristy side, all the sporting events, the waterfront area and of course all the great restaurants and food to indulge in.  I love a fun night out in the city and especially a staycation every now and then.
KARLI | Enough about that. let’s talk about how i nod my head with every post you write. you have great taste. you know how to have fun. you have great friends.

give your advice on how to live such a fulfilled life?  

CHRISTINA | Thank you, thank you.  I am a full believer in life is what you make it.  You have to take advantage of opportunities, maybe partake in a little planning (it's hard to get in everything you want to do without some thinking ahead), and always make sure you're taking steps that make yourself happy.  Recently I've been working on finding the perfect balance between low-key and getting in all the fun things I want to do - finding a happy medium is the most fulfilling of all!

KARLI | Moving onto the important details

how’d you meat that hunk of yours? top three things about him.

CHRISTINA | The husband pops up in blog posts very frequently but he also frequents the blog quite often.  He's definitely one of the top supporters and is always sharing his thoughts on my posts each day.  Enough about that though - here's how we met.. while attending college in Rhode Island during the spring of my freshman year, he was older ;) It was love at first sight (truthfully!) but we never seriously dated in college.  We found our way back to each other about a year after we had both left the New England area and went on our first official date about four years after we first met.  Now seven years later, we will have been married for one year this upcoming September.

Top three things about him - his personality, his thoughtfulness and I'd be lying if I left out his looks. :)
KARLI | yeah, you would be lying. what a fine looking couple! no seriously...you guys are gorgeous. your dress! is it weird i want to try it on? yes.

when people visit the new mrs. what are some first things you hope they notice?

CHRISTINA | I hope they see my fun and bright personality, positive outlook and a huge love for family and friends.  My puppy, Stella makes plenty of appearances too.
For the fun stuff there is a combination of everyday life as well as our traveling adventures.  Many Entertaining tips, new recipes, marriage topics and a little bit of fashion.  We're still finishing up decorating our newly built home so lots of home posts too.  Basically a little mix of everything.
KARLI | see...your blog is so fun and i love the time and thoughtfulness of your posts. they really are refreshing to read. but will you please stop posting cute summer dresses? i'm trying to NOT spend money right now and that's not helping. anyway...

my favorite question - if you could be on a cast of The Real Housewives...which city would you do?

me? orange county. i think vicki and i could work on out-bitching each other. 

CHRISTINA | This is a fabulous one.  I think I'd go with Beverly Hills - those ladies are always lunching, sipping wine, shopping, vacationing to name a few.  Okay, well I guess all the cities are doing that but everything just seems more glamorous in Beverly Hills.  I'd love to get inside those ladies' closets and casually chat with Lisa to listen to her accent. Now I'll spend the rest of the day dreaming up my opening credits intro line…
KARLI | yessss! the opening credits line! mine would be...

i may live on a farm, but i can still be bitchy.

okay...that makes absolutely no sense. i'll have to dream up my opening credits line too.

what’s your #1 piece of blogging advice?

CHRISTINA | Do it for yourself.  I kept my blog private for about a year, partly because I wanted it for no other reason than a scrapbook and party because I didn't think anyone other than my family would read! I don't try to keep up with anyone or take it too seriously, I just like to write what comes to my mind, use my little space to keep track of my favorite moments of life and have fun!

KARLI | do you have a most favorite post you’ve written? or perhaps a most popular post?

CHRISTINA | My favorite posts to write about as well (as well as read about on other blogs) are traveling posts! My most favorite so far was probably sharing our honeymoon in Bora Bora.  

My most popular post was when I shared the details of my office in our new home. During the building process, we planned to have our color scheme as all neutrals… except the office.  I had one room to get in all the feminine touches I wanted! 

KARLI | girl...that office. i adore. how fun to have your own super girly space! i channeled all my girly-girl into the girls' rooms. my poor farmer.  anyway...i can't thank christina enough for being on the blog today! i'm so so so not pulling your leg when i say...GO CHECK HER OUT! you'll love her. i promise.  first...read the details for the giveaway, then go check her out.

take it away, christina...

Lastly, I want to share one of my favorites with you! Enter below for a chance to win a Lilly Pulitzer "free gift" giveaway including a 

'spill the juice' necklace, a white/gold seashell bangle and two drink koozies.