good morning! it really is a good morning. 

yesterday, first thing in the morning, the girls and i loaded up in the car and hauled boo-tay to boise so i could get bitty-muffin in to see the doctor. 

remember how she was sick last week with a virus // ear infection? well, they prescribed her amoxicilline...which i'm allergic to. and wouldn't you know it, sawyer is allergic to it as well. 

girlfriend broke out in a full body rash...the worst blotchy rash all over her perfect skin. it was so terrible to see and it broke my heart. 

my perfect, "happy all the time" baby was miserable. miserable, fussy, sad, angry, clingy...and sleeping terribly. 

not fun for my gal, my farmer, or me. 

as i was saying, we loaded up yesterday and hauled it to boise to confirm the allergy with the doctor and to make sure the ear infection was clearing up. 

all this to say, it really is a good morning today! 

after one day of being off the antibiotics plus the itty-bittiest dose of benadryl, we all had a wonderful night of sleep AND my gal woke up with barely a hint of the rash that covered her body yesterday. 

guys...we're on the mend over here - on the up and ups. which is great, because now i can happily bring you four great gals i've had the pleasure of working with this month. 

that's the beauty of these features! blog-land is never-ending and there's always the next great blog right around the corner we never knew about...ready to be stalked. right? stalking is what you do when you find a good stalk away my friends. stalk away. 

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I have so many but my biggest would be my lack of patience and impulsivity. If I get an idea in my head, hell or high water, I'm going to do it! It's a great motivator but has also gotten me into trouble. ;)

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Oh man. That's tough. I guess I would have to go with not making the time to workout as much as I should...but working out at the playground helps a lot!

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My "guilty" pleasures (I don't really feel that bad about them ;) ) include sleeping in, any type of cake, cookie or baked good, and binge watching Friends with my boyfriend Tim. I also have a few quirky personality traits which you can read about here ( - It's fun to "own up" to things every now and then!

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My one vice is Dr. Pepper. I did a post  awhile ago about how I wish I could break the habit but the truth is I really don't want to give it up I just know I should.

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a huge thank you to the gals for joining us on the blog today! love love love having fresh faces around these parts!

are YOU interested in being a fresh face on the farm? yes...yes you are!

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