you guys...schnacking is good and good for you.

the key is what's in the snacks. we know this.

recently, i was listening to a news report on how kind bars weren't going to be allowed to call themselves healthy any longer because they were too high in fat.

say whaaa?

people - they are high in fat because they are made from nuts. nuts are high in fat...good fat. so as long as you aren't eating 70-hundred kind bars in a day, well...i think you're going to be just fine and  can, in fact, consider these bars healthy.

i find that if i have a few ideas of a few different snacks i can grab each day i'm a lot less likely to eat a handful of cereal here or a spoonful of frosting there. (seriously...i can't say no to frosting.)

i'm here to tell you my five favorite snacks in my current rotation! yum.
1 // apples + cinnamon

i slice up an apple and sprinkle it with cinnamon. totally satisfying. totally simple. the key is to make sure you eat your fruit before 3 pm, so you have a chance to burn off the sugar before you park it on the couch at 7 pm...or is that just me?

2 // 1 cup blueberries + 2 tbsp walnuts
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blueberries. thank god my gal, kaye, is obsessed with blueberries. now i can buy them in bulk via costco so we always have them on hand.

3 // sliced veggies + hummus
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this one is a no-brainer. everyone knows veggies are the go-to when you have some fitness goals in mind...and hummus makes the veggies that much yummier. just make sure you spoon out your hummus instead of dipping directly from the container...because if you're like me, all of a sudden the container is half gone and you're no longer hungry for lunch or dinner.

my favorite veggies to pair with hummus - peppers, snap peas, carrots.

another use for hummus? use it as your spread on a sandwich instead of mayo. delicious for sure.

4 // 1 slice whole wheat bread + avocado slices + tomato slice

yum. i loooove this one after i go for a run. toast up a slice of bread, slice up 1/4 of an avocado, throw on a tomato slice and top it with salt and pepper.

if you want to take it one step further and make it a meal, make an egg over easy and layer that first on your slice of toast, then the avocado, then the tomato with salt and pepper. makes my mouth water.

5 // greek yogurt + spices + sliced veggies

so simple. just grab 1/4 cup 0% greek yogurt and throw in your favorite spices. me? i like dill + salt + pepper...maybe even a little garlic. slice up some veggies like cucumbers and/or peppers and you're in business. can make a large batch of this so you have it on hand for future schnacking. do it. it doesn't disappoint.

happy schnacking!