i can't help myself. i'm a sucker for a chalkboard. a chalkboard anything, really. they're just so damn cute.

so...when i finally realized i have a chalkboard backdrop in my very own basement i jumped at the chance.

i immediately, swiftly, and without regret erased every last sweet drawing kaye painstakingly drew (let's face it...it was a series of lines and scribbles), busted out my camera, checked the lighting and waited for sawyer to wake up from her nap.

the plan was to take sawyer's picture for her 8 month update. but why waste a golden opportunity when i had a willing model awake, with a good attitude, and looking suuuuper cute. mind you, i also had a fistful of treats for bribery. (don't regret it.)

let's have a moment of honesty here. this is above and beyond the most willing my turtle has EVER been to have her picture taken. i was on cloud 9. all the treats in the world for this girl...as long as you keep making those faces.

my gal can work it. i've tried to work it in front of the camera, but i always end up looking so damn awkward. but kaye? apparently all you need is some suuuuper buck teeth and a winning attitude.  and voila! a great photo sesh.
i'll definitely be making the above face from now on for all family pictures. you can't go wrong with the stink eye.
then again, you can't go wrong with the open-mouth smile, either. it just says...

look at me. i'm having a great time. jealous?

and you know what...i am jealous. you were having a great time. i'd have a great time too if i knew all my pictures were going to turn out so darn cute.

oh to be a care-free two year old again. errr...maybe not a two year old.

maybe like, a care-free 22 year old. not even that, actually. how about 26. 26 was a good year.
regardless, i hope this wasn't the last time she'll let me take her picture. i want to capture her personality over and over and over.

my kaye, she's the best.