it's no secret. i'm beyond obsessed with my sawyer-muff. 

my girl. my bitty...she's the best. i could brag about her all day, err day. these are the facts. she's just that brag-worthy. 

happiest baby - you bet. 

cutest baby - got that covered.

can take a beating from her older sister - ain't no thang.

sawyer really is the cherry on top.

she also has all sorts of notables this month.

T H I S  M O N T H . . .
this month she started saying mama. you can just say my heart has been stolen. granted, she only yells it and yells it when she's in some sort of distress. regardless, it's her first word and i love it.

this month my gal became mobile. no crawling, but she's the fastest army scooter this side of...idaho? she's fast. in the blink of an eye she'll be walking. i have a sneaky suspicion she's going to bypass the crawling bit...just like her big sister.

this month we realized we need to move your crib mattress down. you can officially pull yourself up on...most anything, including your crib railing. when you pull yourself up, you're so very very very pleased with yourself...i'm pretty pleased too.

this month you really REALLY are so close to walking. you're obsessed with standing. you prefer it above all things. sitting is for babies. standing is for adorable, little gals with thighs that don't quit.

this month you started finger foods...even though you still have just two, sweet teeth on the bottom. you kill it in the blueberry and avocado department...which is all i've been brave enough to give you. i mean, sure, you've gagged a few times, but you're learning. it's a process.
nicknames | bitty-boo-boo, bitty, sawyer-muff, muffy-muff

height + weight | i think it's pretty obvious that my gal is packing on the poundage just fine. she hit a serious growth spurt this month and is tipping the scales at 17.5 pounds and 26 inches tall.

food | is it food? then my gal wants it, immediately, in her five minutes ago. she really is a girl after my own heart. give us food and we're happy.
sleep | sawyer is still a sleeping champion. she goes down for two naps a day every day and nine times out of 10 won't make a peep. each one lasts between an hour and a half to two hours. the only kicker is that she's obsessed with her binkie. if it falls out of her mouth, she's awake and has a hard time self-soothing herself back to sleep, so we usually end up replacing it for her. still not sure how to work that one out.

sawyer hits the hay each night around 6 or 6:30 pm and will sleep through the night until about 5 am.

nursing | my gal is still a nursing champion...even though i'm over it...especially since she started biting me this past week.

sawyer nurses five times, starting at 5 am, with her last bit right before bed.
looking forward to | this next month i'm really looking forward to potentially seeing you take your first unassisted steps. you want to so very badly, but i think you're a little more cautious than your big sister, so we'll see.

i also want to see you sprout a few more teeth to assist in your food efforts. how about it?

sawyer, love. you are the best best baby there ever was. you really are. thank you for always having a smile on your face, your curious personality is the best, and i'm so so sorry that i kiss you way too much. it's just that your neck and cheeks and shoulders and belly and toes and face are just far too kissable. your farmer and i can't get enough. actually, neither can kaye. it's always been obvious that you looooove kaye...but it's become extremely apparent this past month just how much she loves you...even though her love hurts you sometimes. she hugs and kisses hard.

lots of love my love.