you guys. we're just over halfway through the move your booty challenge and i hope it's been suuuuper easy for everyone...just like it has been for me.

...oh wait. as it turns out...10,000 steps a day is actually quite the challenge. as in, i was on the treadmill at 9:30 pm last night trying to bust out the remaining 7000 steps i needed. which begs the question...

really? i only took 3000 steps in my normal daily activities? i guess we do sit on the floor a lot to play. 

but's it been going?! are you moving your boo-tay more? i obviously am, which means the challenge is working.

however, most days it really is a struggle to talk myself into getting in the last few thousand steps, especially considering most days i've already done a workout. so, i've decided to sweeten the pot for myself. if i hit the goal of 200,000 steps by the end of july i'll snag myself some new lulu lemon running shorts and a new workout shirt...and a new running bra. oh lord i need a new running bra.

nothing gets my booty moving like the idea of being showered with gifts at the end.

and now, my soapbox -

people, friends, gals...why is taking care of yourself so hard? i struggle every single day. i want the junk food. it calls to me. i want to sit and watch chrisley knows best // real housewives // modern family after my girls go to sleep. i just want to change into my comfy clothes...not put on workout clothes and get sweaty.

but guess what...100% of the time i feel better after the fact. especially in the morning knowing i made a healthy choice for my body.

i subscribe to runner's world magazine (which is an awesome read every single month) and i read a long time ago that if you don't feel like working out (which is like 50% of the time for me) just get out for 10 minutes. if after 10 minutes you are still just not feeling it, turn around and head back. be done and try again the next day. but odds are if you've made the effort to throw on all your workout gear AND you've made it out the door AND you've moved for 10're going to keep going.

i use this jedi mind trick often. it literally gets me every time. i've never quit after just 10 minutes.

so friends, throw on your very best jams, put on your short shorts and running shoes and keep moving your booty. it's the right thing to do.

and ps. friends don't let friends NOT move their move your booty. #bootymove

pps. see you back here for oh hey, friday! tomorrow!