so...for a few days now i've been working on a little project and it's taking FOREVER.

FOR-EEE-VUR.  as in...a lot longer than i thought it would take.

there's a solid chance it has something to do with that new link up in the right hand corner.

and this...

who knew self-taught HTML // coding was actually this time-consuming? and when you have the two kids and all...taking up most of your time and all...hanging on you...crying at you...slapping your laptop until you put it down...well, it's really slowing the process down. but i'm trying.

all this to say, for the next week or so i am going to be cutting back on the posting. i have to if i'm ever going to get this new, little project moving and grooving.

no worries...oh hey, friday! isn't going anywhere. i'll still be doing that for sure.

so wish me luck...and if anyone just happens to be a whiz when it comes to HTML // coding and you want to help a gal out for zero dollars...well...count me in.

happy hump day!