let's just start things off with admitting that i'm a little buzzed.

but i'm on vacation, so it's okay.

that's right. the girls and i escaped to mccall to beat the heat (and the flies) and escaped to the little oasis that is mccall, idaho.

unfortunately, we left our farmer on the farm to do farm things (ie. work 24 hours a day), so he was unable to join us. but this also explains why i'm buzzed and writing a blog post at 7:30 pm. both girls are in bed. we had a a hell of a busy day. and this mama deserved a little wind-down after both girls were tucked away for the evening. my view for the evening...

so now it's just me and the bachelorette: men tell all. and i'm not ashamed to say it. (oh...and a my beer.)

but that's enough chatter about being buzzed, and leaving our farmer to do all the hard work, and blah blah blah. i'm here to talk about some new, awesome songs to add to your playlist to get your boo-tay moving. trust me...these four songs will pick your spirits up...and your step. you can't help but move a little lighter to these tunes.

no seriously...get these four tunes into your workout rotation. they are must-haves and will put a smile on your face as you sweat it out. they are on my running playlist all day err day.

shut up and dance with me

pretty young thing

uptown funk

meghan trainor

you're welcome.