talk about a downer post. this totally sucks.

i've been in a pretty nasty blogging rut for months now and i just can't seem to get out of it. i've been feeling so uninspired.

guess it's time to get pregnant again so i can post about baby goodies and weekly bump-dates.

( that not the right reason to get pregnant? for blogging?)

i guess i'm feeling uninspired because it feels like i do three things -

1 - workout

2 - work on my party paper

3 - play with my girls

in addition to that...i haven't been seeing my farmer a whole heck of a lot, you know, what with the farming and all.

and and...i'm just kind of a downer. whomp whomp. i'm sure everyone feels so bad for me.

oh they don't. and why should they? i just got back from a little mini vay-cay in the mountains.

but you all know what i mean, right? when you just feel in a funk because you're in a funk?

is that where the positive self-talk comes in and i tell myself, "get your sh*t together karli. life is good."

maybe i'll go put some makeup on and eat a healthy lunch. that'll make me feel less funky too.

and then...maybe i'll be able to put pen to paper...errr...fingers to keyboard and write something worthwhile. riiight?

so tell me...what are you magic tricks to pull yourself out of a funky, uninspired mood? help a gal out.