hiiiiiiii! hi!

so...i have some good news and bad news.

1 - i'm totally skipping oh hey, friday! today because yesterday afternoon my farmer, the girls, and i booked it off the farm and drove to yellowstone.

was this a planned trip? not really.

is it only a 4.5 hour drive? yes.

did the girls do great in the car? yes! we only stopped once!

2 - the good news is...i'm still accepting sponsorships for the group giveaway in september. the better news is september also happens to be my BIRTHDAY MONTH! yay people. yay. so what i'm saying is...i'm wanting september to be huge. huge sponsors. huge giveaway. let's do this. to sweeten the deal, use the code SEPTEMBER for 30% off your group giveaway spot!

now...linkup time - for you, not me. i'm going back to bed. we were up late last night.

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

happy weekend!!