good morning! and a very happy 10 months to my sawyer-sass-pants! (three days ago.)

remember how for the past nine months you all were like...soooooooooo jealous because we all thought i had birthed the most perfect little angel-baby in all of angel-babies? remember that? well, in case you don't remember, that serves as your reminder.

my sawyer...sheesh. that girl could steal your heart with one cuddle. but then it happened. 

my farmer and i aren't sure what it was and // or is, but it happened and we have a kaye 2.0 on our hands. 


lord help us. 
i mean...just look at this picture. girlfriend has fire in her eyes.

this one too...
regardless...sawyer is still 10 months and i'm now i have less than two months of breastfeeding to go. boom. suck it breastfeeding. (literally and figuratively.)

this month you have turned into a curious daredevil. you do things your sister never did. namely - what's under the sink in those cabinets? no really. what's under there? let me try to look again, and again, and again, and again...

stop it. you're not getting in those cabinets.

you also play by yourself. whaaaat? i literally thought that was a myth other moms told me to make me sad. kaye still has a hard time playing by herself if i'm within eyeshot.

but you? you throw me the deuces mom sign and go at it. first you tear down every box of toys, you don't play with them, then you crawl over to the play kitchen. fine with long as you're playing by yourself.

hey...what's with your obsession with the tv remote? i know...i watch too much tv and you're just trying to help me out, but the fits you throw when i tell you no...they rival your sister's. we're talking throw yourself on the floor, scream, kick legs. lots-o-'tude. 
nicknames | bitty-boo-boo, bitty, sister

height + weight | 17.5 pounds...and i swear you grew three inches this month.

food | i'm not blending your food anymore! you can put down anything we're having for dinner...even with just your two bottom teeth and two tiny nubbins on top. i'm not sure how you do it, but it gets done.

you LOVED the grilled pork chops the other night, and you weren't mad about the spicy enchiladas either. get it girl.
sleep | i'm not sure what's gotten into you, but please start sleeping better. as fall asleep just's the staying asleep that's killing me.

if i remember correctly, it was around kaye's first birthday that she really started sleeping i'm looking forward to that.

also...sorry i'm not sorry i had to cut out your 2 am feeding. it was getting ridiculous and super obvious that you were just doing it because you wanted help going back to sleep.

nursing | nursing. i wish i had those magical boobs that made all the milk you could ever want. but...girlfriend...we're on the last legs. no mas leche. it's running out. my sawyer and i are down to three nursing sessions...and you don't seem to mind. in fact...dare i say you're not going to have any issue when we're done altogether.

looking forward to | this month i'm totally looking forward to you WALKING! i really think you're going to do it. you've taken two unassisted steps on two different occasions. when you realized you were doing it you immediately sat down. you do this, as well, when you realize you're standing without holding on to anything.

you're slightly more cautious than your sister...but still have daredevil in you. i have visions of the two of you in a few years bombing down the ski hill. i'll try and keep up.

oh! also notable - you started saying dada! melt your farmer's heart...that's for sure.
girlfriend...quit with the fits. keep up the sass. we love you.