we survived.

is that how it feels for anyone else when they finish up vacation?

i think it feels this way because i ate too much. i drank too much. i slept too much?

no seriously...my girls must have been all partied out each day because they slept in all but one morning...and so did my farmer and i. 7:30 am is where it's at..and a hell of a lot better than 5:30 am.

maybe what tired kaye out was the massive amounts of quality uncle "robber" (his name is robert, kaye says robber) time she logged. thank god he has as much energy as she does.

the best part of vacation? logging lots and lots of time with my farmer - even though we got exactly zero pictures together. (how does that even happen?)

the second best part? when i wasn't holding, chasing, disciplining, feeding one of my children...i got to cuddle my sweet niece, reese. or as i call her...reesey-poo-poo. but i have a few words for reesey-poo-poo...

gal - give your mom a break. sheesh. you. eat. constantly. maybe when you get your eating habits dialed in it'll give the rest of us a chance to cuddle you more.

all this to say, i managed to capture a lot of the fun times. i'll let the pictures do the talking...hang in there, there are about 49309.