life. it's kicking me in the proverbial balls these days.

not that anything super bad has happened fact, nothing bad has happened...i just can't seem to keep up.

+ my gals run me ragged.
+ sawyer wants to be carried all. the. time.
+ the weather won't seem to cooperate for my farmer.
+ i have no fewer than a trillion toys on my floor at any given moment.
+ i've totally been skimping on my workouts.
+ ice cream every night...nobody needs that much ice cream.
+ my sister's in town with her little family and i can't seem to stay awake past 10 pm.

can someone grab me a tiny violin?

and ps. my coffee sucks this morning.

to top it all off, i had big plans to share a video of my farmer and me and our first dance at our wedding. (it's our fifth anniversary on friday.)

you farmer...he's SUCH a good dancer. at least when compared to most other men. he can just spin me all over the dance floor. dip me. throw me. spin some more. he's wonderful.

our first dance was to sweet pea by amos lee. my farmer basically made my two left feet look not so tangled. that's what a partner is supposed to do, right? bring out the best in you?

anyway, i was going to share that lovely video that someone was kind enough to capture for us (not a videographer)...and now i can't find it. anywhere. i searched for over two hours last night.

i'm beyond bummed.

just add another to the list of how life is poking at me lately.
but friends...i'm on the up and ups! as of this morning, we're officially on VACATION!! that's right, we're headed up the mountain to my favorite spot - mccall, idaho.

i know, i know. mccall again. but it really is just that lovely. when my reality show deal finally comes through my plan is to drop some coin on a second home there.

as i said, my sister, her husband, and their new baby girl are in town from california and we have fun plans - dinner cruise around the lake, paddle boarding (i've never done this!), mountain biking, and even an anniversary date with my farmer. throw that in with days spent at the beach and probably a few too many cocktails - that's a vacation.

if you want to follow along, i'll be capturing the highlights on instagram.