i have merely days before my 32nd birthday.

last year at this time i was six weeks away from having sawyer-muff. who all of a sudden is much less of a muffin and more of a spit-fire. something about walking has given her a whole-lotta swagger and sass.

so as i was busily prepping for her birth last year (making frozen meals, getting my hair cut, deep cleaning my car...you know...stuff), i never in a million years thought time would fly by as quickly as it did.

it's so so true -

the days are long, but the years are short.

so now, NOW, as i round out this 31st year of mine i need to make a new list!

1 // pick a new half marathon to train for...and talk my sister into signing up for it with me.

2 // learn adobe illustrator a lot better. this is super important. i never thought i'd be able to say that i can navigate photoshop far better than illustrator.

3 // get party & paper up and running...and then start advertising. i have so many ideas on where  i could take this! it makes my head spin...but it's so exciting.

4 // get away with just my farmer this winter. we talk a lot about escaping, just the two of us...but it really has yet to happen. we took sawyer to scottsdale with us and went to santa barbara for a wedding...but i'm talking...ooey-gooey mushy lovey love getaway. where i can trap him. and smother him. trap and smother - words of love.

5 // uhhh...organize my photos and get them transferred to a hard drive . but in all reality...there is a 4% chance of this happening.

6 // re-paint our bedroom and great room.

7 // move kaye and sawyer into one bedroom (and decorate that). then, transition the nursery into my office!

8 // FINISH OUR DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM...it's only been four years in the making. (plus countless other house projects - DIY shutters, landscaping, build a garage, playground for the girls...just off the top of my head.)

eight. eight little goals for my 32nd year.