don't worry, babe. i already bought all these things for myself...with your money. thank you for loving me like you do!

but in all seriousness...i did buy a few of these things. i can't help myself! my man...he's a busy guy! he doesn't have time to worry about what i could possibly be pining over for my birthday!

(vacation home in mccall...start saving your pennies, farmer.)

so instead of making my farmer sweat it out...i'll just take care of a few of these things myself.

let me tell you, i'm so ready for cooler temperatures. that's pretty apparent from my picks below. it's been a hot one here in idaho and yesterday we had a little sneak-peek at what our fall is going to feel like. just glorious.

beyond that, i'm pretty excited for it to start getting darker earlier. you the summer time it stays light here until past 10 pm. ten p. m. yes. you read that correctly. it's like we're in frickin' alaska or something. okay...not quite that drastic, but it makes me resent my farmer who won't let me put curtains up in our room.

this leads me to a whole different story - long ago when we were building our house my farmer demanded we put windows EVERYWHERE. like...everywhere. basically, the side of the house that faces the farm is an entire wall of giant windows. this is all good and great and wonderful and everything...except for when you're trying to fall asleep OR when you wake up in the morning at 5 am because it feels and looks like you're on the surface of the sun.

farmer - curtains. please. in our bedroom. please.

i digress - let's have a look at my birthday picks for my 32nd birthday.
sweater // jeans // booties // belt // scarf // necklace

happy holiday, friends.