so...i attended a little blogging webinar that helene of helene in between put on earlier this week. it got me to thinking...i'm not exactly the best blogger, but i sure have come a long way. like...a long long way. which then got me thinking, "that might make a super funny blog post." i mean...lord knows i'm not short on bad blog posts.

but before we dive into - let's make fun of karli

did you guys see??!!

okay...enough about that, let's get linked up...

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M Y  F I V E

1 | would you wear this?
so embarrassing. not only did i try to copy a super tacky outfit that i saw on pinterest that i thought was pretty hip and with it at the time, but the picture was taken when we still lived in our tiny single-wide trailer and you can see the toilet. 


2 | that time i thought i was the first person to discover instagram. was 2011. but still. 

3 | that one time i tried to make cakepops for the first time ever.
you'll never catch me trying to make any cakepops other than round cakepops again. i cannot even believe i posted a picture of them. those cakepops are worthy of a #pinterestfail mockery.

4 | that one time i posted my sleep schedule. 

i wasn't even pregnant. maybe it was my body knowing i was going to be pregnant a week later? regardless...something key to remember is when blogging, write about things people might enjoy reading about. there is no way one single person enjoyed reading my sleep schedule.

5 | the mysterious smell
people. i don't care who you are. but you probably should not write about how a turkey got left in your boyfriend's oven for five + months. not only is it disgusting, but i threw my poor farmer right under the bus! 

happy weekend! my farmer totally gave me the day off from the little gals. you'll find me not on the farm. not covered in food. fully showered. gettin' shiz done.

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