i can't even believe i'm going to post this recipe for fear of the judgement.

but you guys...two kids (one who is picky and one who can only eat half mashed food), i'm always wanting to make something that will suit everyone's needs -

+ quasi-healthy
+ warm in their bellies
+ farmer-approved
+ quick. must be quick.

i call this delicious meal -

S I N G L E W I D E  E N C H I L A D A S

for two reasons.

1. i used to live in a single wide and it brings back all sorts of fond memories of the first two years of our marriage.

2. the first time i made this made-up recipe...that's where we were living. plus the majority of it is from canned foods, which makes this recipe suuuuuuuper convenient.


+ 1 large can of shredded chicken breast
+ 1 can of black beans (drained)
+ 1 can of diced tomatoes (drained)
+ 1 small can of green chiles
+ 1 can enchilada sauce (divided)
+ 1/2 red or yellow onion diced
+ 1 packet enchilada seasoning
+ garlic salt to taste
+ 1 package 10 inch whole grain flour tortillas
+ shredded cheese


1 | start by throwing your shredded chicken // black beans // diced tomatoes // diced onion // 1/2 can enchilada sauce in a pan and heating up. give it some good stirs and add in your enchilada packet + garlic salt. don't do too much garlic salt because there's already quite a bit of sodium in the packet.

2 | once your enchilada filling is mixed and heated, lay out your tortillas right next to your pan of filling. from your left to right it should be your empty casserole pan, then tortillas + shredded cheese, then filling. it's like a little assembly line.

3 | start filling your tortillas with the mixture and top it with cheese. fold carefully by bringing the sides of the tortilla towards the middle, then the side closest to you should fold over the top, and continue to roll it. that makes no sense, but hopefully the picture gives you an idea of what it should look like!

4 | repeat this process until all the tortillas are filled. i can usually do an entire package of tortillas but still have quite a bit of filling left over. i freeze that for easy assembly another meal.

5 | now that all your tortillas are laying neatly next to one another in your casserole pan, heat the oven to 350º. pour the rest of your enchilada sauce over the top of the assembled enchiladas. now sprinkle glorious cheese all over.

6 | cover your casserole dish with tinfoil and place in your 350º oven for 20 minutes.

this entire process takes about 40 minutes. it's so simple, super delicious, and i always have lots of leftovers. the other bonus is everyone looooves it.

and a little secret - if you're wanting to be on the healthy side and skip the tortilla and cheese, save a little of the filling to put directly on a bed of greens! i swear...it's delicious and you definitely don't need dressing.