good morning! that's right. i had to wake up extra early to start my oh hey, friday! post because i fell asleep at 8:30 pm.

sometimes farmer's wives have to catch up on their sleep too? or something like that. i don't know.

so i'm going to write as much as i can before posting time, hit publish, and then come back and finish. it's going to be what i'm saying.

but before i write this rough post and tell you about my favorite goodies to jazz up a party...

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

1 | mason jars
you will forever and always find mason jars at any party i throw. big ones. small ones. you can use them as flower vases, drink glasses, dessert jars, appetizer display, party favors...that's right. party favors! last year, amy threw some cookie ingredients in a quart sized mason jar, threw some fabric on top, tied it with a little twine...boom. the most adorable and delicious party favor. i'll be doing that for my gal's birthday party this year. it was too cute. so...mason jars. they're a great investment...for parties.

2 | stripy straws for the win!

i'm obsessed with stripy straws. i can't not have them. even though they are super annoying and get soggy in drinks. you know what i say to that? drink faster. they're just so cute. they come in a trillion different colors and they are so inexpensive. i usually just get mine right from amazon. but you can also get them at nordstrom, target, amazon, walmart...anywhere.

3 | party & paper...duh!

obviously, my most favorite way to snazzy up a party is to create paper goodies myself! banners, straw flags, cupcake toppers...etc. etc. etc. so, naturally, now's the time to plug party & paper! 

i also want to thank you for all of your support. i continue to be SHOCKED by the outreach and warm welcome. i've even had a few requests already for christmas cards! so, yes. if you're ready to get your christmas card started, send me an e-mail!

4 | bounce house

look at how little my best gal is!
i know, i know. bounce houses have been in the news receiving some negative press...what with them flying away in windstorms with children in them, and all. blah blah blah. kidding. that's actually pretty serious stuff. (it's the small bounce houses (like this and this) that fly away in windstorms, more than likely because they weren't properly secured.)

what i'm suggesting is this - if you're going to have 209380 children at your next party, go legit. rent one of those giant bounce house castles with the huge slide. every single child (plus a few adults) will be entertained for hours. well worth the dollars and set-up effort.

5 | relax! (and ask for help)

my two gals are turning 1 and 3 at the end of this month (where did this past year go?) and i've finally started to kick my but into gear for their birthday saturday. i have a to-do list a mile long. however...a lot of the tasks can't be completed until the day of. so what do you do? ask for help. friends are always happy to come over a few hours early to help prep food or finalize last minute decorations.

i have my mom coming to the farm five hours early to make 50, i repeat 50, individual strawberry shortcake mason jars. i'll more than likely beg her to stay to help me clean up.

asking for help will help you relax at your party! it's not fun to be the person running around like a crazy chicken. so chill. it's a party. nobody is going to be mad if the paper lanterns didn't get hung...they're just happy you provided delicious food and beverage...and a bounce house.

happy friday!